Green Gables Readalong: Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery


Okay, okay, I know it’s March 3rd and this post is three days overdue, but I’m hoping you’ll all be super kind and forgive me. I’m going to be really honest with all of you and share that I hit a major reading slump. Nothing could pull me out of it and I had no desire to pick up a book, including Anne of Avonlea. That’s probably not the best thing to have happen when you’re the one hosting the readalong! I started to have “that” chat with myself last week, the one that I’m hoping we’ve all had at one point in your lifetime, that goes a little something like this,

February 24: “You have to read the book Reeder”

February 25: “Man, you’re really cutting it down to the wire, but don’t worry, you’ve got three days. It won’t take you three days to read a book.”

February 26: “Read the book!!!”9781770498617

February 27: “R-E-A-D T-H-E B-O-O-K”

February 28: “You’ve failed – now you have to explain yourself”

March 1: Finally read the book and then…  “Explain yourself, but make it charming”

So here I am folks, waving my white flag and being charming… is it working? Here’s hoping. In Anne of Avonlea, Anne is all grown up at the whooping age of sixteen years old. She’s a schoolteacher, a watcher of the two new characters in the Green Gables home, known as Davy and Dora and still dabbling with her old world of having a wondrous mind and the responsibilities of an adult.

As I’ve mentioned, there are a lot of new characters added to this book; Davy & Dora, Mr. Harrison and Miss Lavendar. Unlike the first novel, Anne is spending less time worrying about her physical appearance and more time working for the town of Avonlea. She wants to see their town succeed and she’s determined to make sure the residents of their town are kind, warm hearted and giving people. When they’re not, she’s determined to tell them so. But taking care of everyone else starts to become too much for young Anne and mishaps start to occur, as they do in the world of Anne Shirley.

Time speeds quickly in the town of Avonlea and each chapter seems to jump a few months. As a reader, you’re expected to keep up, but I can’t ever remember reading a book where so much happens, in such a quick and lively pace. Am I the only one that experienced this or am I off my rocker? At the end, the Gilbert Blythe storyline picked up a bit, but I’m ready for these two to take it to another level. At this point in time, his doting affection and “only have eyes for her” is a bit tiresome. Do something about it already, gheesh.

I would categorize Anne of Avonlea as my favourite book in the series, but it’s an important one, because it’s the book that readers start to regard her as a woman and not a pigtailed red headed child.

What did you think of Anne of Avonlea? Were there any new discoveries? Were there any fond memories? Share with me below in the comments and remember to join the online conversations by using the hashtag #GreenGablesReadalong on all your social media channels.


4 thoughts on “Green Gables Readalong: Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery

  1. Naomi says:

    Anne of Avonlea was never one of my favourites either, but we really needed her to stick around Avonlea a bit longer before moving on in her life, right? And, what great characters Montgomery creates in all the Avonlea folk!

  2. The Paperback Princess says:

    I enjoyed reading your inner monologue, trying to get yourself to read it in time. Damn February and it’s shortness! I agree with you and Naomi – Anne of Avonlea was never my favourite but I definitely appreciated it so much more this time around. I cannot wait to get to Anne of the Island – Gog and Magog!
    But while she is still in Avonlea we get to meet so many new characters that are lovely and wonderful and show Anne the joys of being involved in one’s community. It’s also comforting to know that when Anne is away, Marilla has the Keith twins, Miss Lavendar will be happy with Mr Irving and his son, and Mr Harrison is being looked after too.
    I’m not sure I ever realized before how quickly time goes by in this book but I did finally see that this book is more like a collection of short stories around the same cast of characters than one novel sustained by one plot. I kind of like it though – great for short attention spans.
    I am loving these books even more this time reading – they are just the most delightful breath of fresh air.

  3. raidergirl3 says:

    I love Mr Harrison, and his story.
    I like how Marilla prefers Davy – she’s come a long way, considering Dora is who she would have originally liked to adopt. Poor boring Dora. I really liked how Marilla and Mrs Rachel Lynde come to live together. Have to heard the song from Anne and Gilbert, Our Duty? Brings a tear to my eye. Actually, all the songs from that musical are perfection.
    The reader has to be as patient as Gilbert as far as the romance goes. But the pay off in the next book is worth it.And is this the book with Ruby Gillis?
    I listened to this one last fall, and the different version of the story kept me entranced, although Davey’s ‘I want to know’ got a bit tiresome.
    re: short stories. There are many LM books with short stories about Avonlea where Anne is a peripheral character, so that is a good way to describe this book.

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