My Favourite Books in 2014 that I HAVEN’T Reviewed… Until Now!

When you’re a book blogger, sometimes you’re reading up to 3 or 4 books at a time. Sometimes you read just to escape and the last thing you want to do when you finish a book is write a review for it. BUT, now that it’s colder outside, all your favourite television shows are on hiatus until the New Year and you’ve got tubs of hot chocolate on hand to get you through the cold weather, it’s time to turn on the old computer and start writing. I really like writing, it’s cathartic and it helps me tap into the feeling and emotions I felt when I read a particular book. With that being said, I got behind on my reviews this year. Like, really behind. So I decided to take a different approach to ensure you hear about these eight books that I loved and really wanted to review. I made a video!

Who would have thought I could go on and on about eight books for twenty minutes (well probably anyone that’s met me in person), but I did. I suppose I had a lot to say, because I loved each and every one of these reads. And if you’re saying to yourself, I don’t have 20 minutes to spare to watch this girl yammer on about books for that long, just think, you might find a good holiday read for one of your family members or friends. I’d ALSO be very appreciative if you watched it, because I showered for the video and tidied up my bookshelf, so maybe just watch it to make me feel like all my efforts were all worth it. 25+ views will indicate I should continue to wear deodorant and brush my hair. hehe

Without further ado, here’s the video of the 8 Books I Didn’t Review on my Blog in 2014.

If you like these types of videos, be sure to let me know in the comments. I’d love to keep doing them if they’re something you’re all interested in seeing. And like I say in the video, I’m going to be getting better at posting book reviews when I read the books, so stay tuned for lots of upcoming recommendations!

– Happy Reading (& Reviewing)


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Books in 2014 that I HAVEN’T Reviewed… Until Now!

  1. Steph says:

    THIS is why you’re in books. I think you’re absolutely adorable and your enthusiasm makes me SO HAPPY. And makes me miss bookselling. This is such a great idea for the blog, because it’s way less time-consuming than a blog post, even just for one book!! And also you are so AWESOME at it. Please keep doing them.

    Also, YAYYY for showering and deodorant!

    PS. I think you convinced me to read Lena’s book (I didn’t know the design was so lovely, either!). And maaaybe Gone Girl?

  2. Naomi says:

    Loved it, Lindsey! And, it truly is a lot of work to review all the books you read. I often think about all the time I could be reading if I wasn’t spending time writing about them. On the other hand, I really get a lot out of having to think more about a book in order to convey its greatness to other people.
    There are a lot of great memoirs in there. I’m hoping to read the Alan Doyle one sometime soon. And, I second your recommendation for Who By Fire. He did a good job getting out his message without being preachy one way or the other.
    Great video!

  3. Karen @ One More Page... says:

    I loved watching this video, it put a huge smile on my face! I loved when you were talking about Gone Girl and whispered “shit” haha. Awww. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lindsey, I can’t wait to read Amy Poehler’s memoir!

  4. Carole Besharah says:

    This was so much fun to watch! Thanks for sharing. I. Still. Haven’t. Read. Lena Dunham’s book, GAAAA!!!!

    P.S. Also… you put the A in adorable!

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