Let me tell you about that time I met Amy Poehler…

IMG_7701It’s not that hard to get me excited. It just happens naturally in most situations, but my excitement levels sky rocket when I’m about to meet someone I admire. In this case, I’m talking about Amy Poehler! The excitement on the internet was building when it was announced that Amy Poehler was headed to Toronto to promote her new book Yes Please.

On Thursday, October 30th, Amy came to Toronto and my friends and I were lucky enough to get a pretty decent viewing spot. Tucked in the kids section of the Bay & Bloor Indigo, we had a convenient stack of snowball dispensers in front of us that prevented us from being pushed and shoved, seeing as how the crowd was estimated to be approximately 500 people. When Amy Poehler arrived, she stood at the back as Indigo introduced her. In an effort to build enthusiasm, the introducer yelled, “we’re going to make it our goal to see more copies of Yes Please than Tina Fey’s Bossypants!” To which, Amy interrupted by turning on her microphone and said,

Why’s it gotta be like that. What a typical man thing to say. I’d be thrilled and honoured to get the same support and love that Tina did for her book.

If you didn’t love her before, you’d love her a little more after that response. I know I did.

For the next thirty or so minutes, Amy was interviewed by Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany. They spoke about the process of writing a book. IMG_7699Amy revealed that it’s really hard. They they spoke of Amy’s two children (their Father is Will Arnett) and how she finds it a bit overwhelming to be in charge of helping to shape her children’s minds. She felt it was the right thing to do to be honest when her son asked her why she didn’t have a penis and if it had fallen off. They also dipped into a bit of chatter about Parks & Recreation and how the crew and cast have become a second family. She also hinted that the last episode is going to be “soooo good”. The interview concluded when someone in the crowd yelled for a doctor. Both Amy and Tatiana were helping by using their mics to find a doctor in the huge crowd. Luckily no one was seriously hurt and someone had just fainted (my guess is that it was from all the excitement).

As we stood waiting for our group signing number to be called, my friends and I started to get a bit giddy. Sure, group #19 was a far off number, but we were going to meeting Amy Poehler in a few minutes. The woman that plays Hillary Clinton brilliantly, a woman who has hosted the Emmy’s, one of the most beloved Weekend Update hosts and best of all (in my opinion)… Leslie Knope. When our group number was called, we got in line and I tried to stay cool, calm and collective, but it wasn’t working that well. We were moving at such a rapid pace that there wasn’t much time to get a great shot, but I tried my best. Insert shaky hand photo here:


When it was finally my turn, my book was slid in front of her, she scribbled her name, as I embarrassingly said, “I’m such a huge fan” and she looked up, smiled and said thanks so much. Then my book was handed back to me, my wrist band was cut off and we were guided out the exit. Once we all stepped foot out of the store, the four of us looked around at one another in bewilderment. We had all met Amy Poehler! Sharing stories of the one sentence exchange we all had with her, we were all smiling and gawking at our signed copies.

I go to author signings all the time and a lot of those times, I’m working by helping take pictures or putting post its on books. So to be on the other end of that transaction and get to fan girl for a few hours was really fun!

Thanks to Indigo, Harper Collins Canada and Amy Poehler for an unforgettable evening. Yes Please is now available in a bookstore near you. Go pick it up… Please.


4 thoughts on “Let me tell you about that time I met Amy Poehler…

  1. kmn04books says:

    Aw, this sounds like such a great event! I love Amy Poehler, especially in Parks & Rec! I’m jealous that you got to meet her but I’m so thankful for your recap! I can almost pretend that I was there too 🙂

  2. Tricia says:

    Ah! How amazing! I love Amy Poehler, and you’re right, her comment about girl-support made me love her even more. More funny feminists for 2015, please!

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