6 Reasons Why You Should Read Marie Phillips’ The Table of Less Valued Knights

Less Valued KnightsI could write a review of this incredible book OR I could convince you why you should purchase a copy of The Table of Less Valued Knights in six points. Seeing as how I love categorizing things into numerical form I’ve chosen to go with the latter.

1. She’s the author of Gods Behaving Badly

Back in 2009 we all got the pleasure of reading a comical satire about the Greek Gods, otherwise known as Gods Behaving Badly. This charming novel had everyone talking about it’s originality and humour. Lucky for us, she’s done the same thing in her new book The Table of Less Valued Knightsa tongue in cheek look at the world of King Arthur and the Round Table. Well… technically, we don’t spend too much time at the Round Table as this story is told from the perspective of the Table of Less Valued Knights. A less prestigious table where old and rigid knights are forced to sit when they’re past their prime.

2. The Princess Bride meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail

When I heard that this was the two comparisons the publisher used to describe Marie Phillips newest book, I was sold. It’s the perfect combination of work to describe this hilarious book. Sir Humphrey du Val is not valued and when a damsel in distress comes running into the castle, he disregards King Arthur’s rule that he’s no longer able to go on quests and offers to help Elaine, a young maiden in search of her kidnapped fiancé. With his squire Conrad (an undersized giant) and Jemima (Conrad’s elephant) they set off a journey together with hopes that he’ll be able to prove his worth and once again get a seat at the Round Table. What transpires is a journey like no other… talking swords, a chase and a girl dressed as a boy, you’ll be laughing and cheering for this unlikely group the whole time you read this book!

3. It’s laugh out loud funny

There’s nothing better than a book that makes you smile and makes you chuckle. This is that kind of book. If you’re looking for something silly, but written brilliantly, this is one you NEED to pick up. Oh and if you need further convincing, might I suggest you check out the first two chapters.

4. You can make yourself an unofficial Knight while reading the book

In an effort to make you feel like a British leader, Random House of Canada created a Knight Name Generator to enhance your reading experience. For instance, some of you might know me as Reeder, but technically my Knight name is Sir Favian Chastity, Rider of Lawnmower, so feel free to call me that when you want to get my attention. Some of my other favourites are,

  • Sir Rulf Darktonian, the Average
  • Sir Rebral Joust-a-Lot, Scrabble Player Extraordinaire
  • Sir Favian Shadowmere, the Entitled

5. Who doesn’t like a good misadventure? 

As I shared before, this a book that will make you smile while reading. I love literature… a lot, but there is something to be said for a book that doesn’t require a lot of brain power, a book that just takes you away on a fun adventure. Even if you don’t have a firm understanding of medieval literature, it’s not required to understand this book. When you open up page one of The Table of Less Valued Knights, you’re going to be entertained for the rest of the afternoon, I guarantee it.

6. It’s going to be the book everyone’s talking about!

I can promise you that this is one book that everyone and their dog will be talking about, it’s that funny. It’s already received a rave review from the Guardian and it hasn’t even hit bookshelves yet! If I’ve done my blogger duties right, I’ve hopefully convinced you that this is a book you’re going to LOVE. So here are the next steps you can take:

  • Pre-order a copy from your local bookseller or online by clicking here.
  • Chat about it online using the hashtag #LessValuedKnights
  • Connect with the author of Twitter @mpphillips
  • Pick up a copy when it does hit bookshelves on August 12th.

I really hope you consider picking up this book, because it’s the perfect read to enjoy with a cup of tea or beverage in the sun this August. Oh and be sure to share with me in the comments what your Knight name is!


Sir Favian Chastity, Rider of Lawnmower




6 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Should Read Marie Phillips’ The Table of Less Valued Knights

  1. Lost in a Great Book says:

    Reblogged this on Lost in a Great Book and commented:
    I have my own review of the Table of Less Valued Knights to write and post, but since I seem to have NO TIME to get to that, I’m going to re-blog this excellent post from Reeder Reads. Honestly, I haven’t grinned so much while reading a book in a very long time. Review, I promise, will follow shortly!

  2. The Paperback Princess says:

    I’m with Karen – I need to go back and read Gods Behaving Badly. The Table of Less Valued Knights was an unexpected delight! And from now on, you can call me Sir Lacious Sorrowsweet, the Terrified. I sounds hardcore right?

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