[Video] Document Your Life – July 2014

July 2014

My first couple of days of July were spent saying goodbye to my childhood home in Halifax and spending some quality time with my favourite people. Only two of which are documented in the video below, but many more were there… I promise. The rest of the month, I read only a few books, Gone Girl and Landline, because much of the month was spent enjoying the Toronto sunshine.

It only made sense that since I’ve finally finished the Harry Potter series that I come face to face with Daniel Radcliffe. Well… technically, he never really looked at my face, but he did come to the premiere of The F Word here in Toronto and I got to attend with my pal Amy. We took pictures (and video) and thought that after the introductions that would be it… but nope. About fifteen minutes into the premiere of the movie, he came back in and sat SIX seats away from us. I watched the movie (which was delightful), but a lot of the time was spent looking to my left to watch him sip from his bottle of diet coke. FUN FACT: He is very short in real life.

Have a look at my July below and let me know if the comments what fun things you did this past month.

*The concept of the Document Your Life videos was created by Lauren Hannah. Her story, videos and a description of the project can be found here.

** The song in this video is Bare Feet by Vydamo — http://www.vydamo.com


2 thoughts on “[Video] Document Your Life – July 2014

  1. Carole Besharah says:

    Cute video. I’m also reading Gone Girl at the moment… needing something light for the summer holiday. Cheers!

  2. kmn04books says:

    I love your “Document Your Life” videos. They’re always so fun to watch! I still can’t believe you were so close to Daniel Radcliffe! That must have been so fun. 🙂

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