10 Canadian Authors You Should be Following on Twitter


As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Twitter. It’s a great way to share your love of reading, but it’s also a great way to connect with authors. I remember the first author that followed me on Twitter… I called my Mom & Dad because I thought it was so cool that this author wanted to hear what I had to say in 140 characters. HINT: This author has a new book coming out in May 2014 called No Relation.  That being said, an author doesn’t need to follow you back for it to be a cool experience. Once you hit that follow button, you don’t only get insight into their upcoming events and the books they’re working on, but in some cases, you can see what they’re having for dinner and what books are on their nightstand.

There are so many more than 10 Canadian authors you should follow on Twitter, but I’d be here all day if I started listing them all, so I’m going to stick with that number, but I encourage all of you to suggest more in the comments below!

Margaret Atwood Twitter1. Margaret Atwood – Okay, so this was a bit of a giveaway, but if you’re not following Margaret Atwood, you’re missing out. Not only does she share what she’s working on, recipes and opinions about Toronto’s mayor. But best of all, she tweets out pictures of her and Alice Munro clinking glasses over Munro’s Nobel Prize win! It really doesn’t get any better than this in the world of Twitter.

l marie adeline twitter2. L. Marie Adeline – If you like books about s-e-x, then you’re going to enjoy L. Marie Adeline’s twitter account. Not only does she give you a behind the scenes look at her SECRET series but she also links to lots and lots of articles about sex and hunky pictures of men. Trust me, there are lots and lots of men.

kirstine stewart twitter3. Kirstine Stewart – Not only is she the Head of Twitter Canada, but come Spring 2015, she will also be adding author to her resume. According to this article in the Quill & QuireOur Turn is about women in leadership roles “in a time of generational shifts in the workforce and changing corporate values and opportunities.”  The best part of Kirstine’s twitter account is you get a behind the scenes look at Twitter and during the Olympics, she was a great source of information if you couldn’t get the CBC Olympic app to work.

Brian Francis Twitter4. Brian Francis – I’ve been really lucky to get to know Brian on a personal level and I can honestly tell you that he’s not only a gem in person, but also online. He sends out lots of great writing tips, pictures of Miss. Piggy and food. That’s right, food. If you don’t know, he operates a food blog called Caker Cakes. The food isn’t always pretty, but I can tell you from personal experience that it’s all delicious. Do yourself a favour and create the Rice Krispies Golf Balls – I ate so many…. so many.

Sheree Fitch Twitter5. Sheree Fitch – Following Sheree’s Twitter account is the epitome of why connecting with authors on twitter is my favourite thing in the world. Why, you ask? If I had known that when I was reading Toes in My Nose to my little cousins in grade three that one day I’d be able to chat with her and tell her how much I love her and her books, I would have squealed with delight. To me, she is children’s royalty. The other perk to following her is that she tweets about lots of author events and shares pictures of her amazing bookish home.

Iain Reid Twitter6. Iain Reid – The cool thing about Iain Reid is that he really loves books. There are always great links to pieces of literature that I’m interested in reading. It doesn’t hurt that he also shares lots of great pictures of farm animals, many of which you feel like you know after having read his first memoir One Bird’s Choice. Oh and probably the best part about his account, you just know he’s doing all his tweeting in his slippers.

Ami McKay Twitter7. Ami McKay – Feel like traveling to the East Coast? Well save your airline points and just follow Ami McKay. She’s often tweets pictures of the scenic shots of Nova Scotia and the views are absolutely stunning. Not only are there pictures of trees and woods, but she’s tweeting out pictures of books she’s reading and connecting with fellow authors. You’ll also be thrilled to hear that she harvests her own honey.

Terry Fallis Twitter8. Terry Fallis – The internet and Terry Fallis go hand in hand. With the use of podcasts, he started recording and sharing The Best Laid Plans back in the day. So there’s no doubt about it that he understands how to connect with his fans using social media. Not only that, but he shared great behind the signs scenes of ‘The Best Laid Plans’ television show. His new book, No Relation is coming out this May, so there will be lots of great updates and links to upcoming author events, so be sure to give him a follow. 

Stacey May Twitter9. Stacey May Fowles – Here’s the great thing about following Stacey May, you will not only get tweets about author events, writing and mac & cheese, but this woman loves baseball. And as someone who loves baseball too, I love following her account to see what she has to say about our beloved Toronto Blue Jays. Her account is why I enjoy following authors on Twitter, because you get a sense of their personality and it’s becomes such an authentic experience.

Chris Hadfield Twitter10. Chris Hadfield – Last, but certainly not least, I had to include the Canadian astronaut/author, Chris Hadfield. We all know that he’s pretty rad on a number of levels, but man, oh man, can this guy tweet. While in space, we Canadians felt like we were in space with him by receiving lot of tweets about preparing food with zero gravity and amazing images that we’d never seen before. Not only that, but he connected with many of us down here on Earth, making it all that much cooler!

… and there you have it friends, here are ten authors you should be following on Twitter. As I mentioned in the intro, I’d love for you to suggest additional Canadian authors in the comments below.


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