How a Boy Wizard is Making Me Fall in Love with Reading All Over Again

When I decided to finally bite the bullet and read the Harry Potter series, I never expected that it would have an effect on my reading habits. Obviously, I love reading, but as someone who reads a lot of adult fiction, I’m never too shocked or surprised about the books I’m reading. Let me clarify. Even thought I don’t know the where the plot is headed, I can visualize what it means if an author sets a book in algonquin park or if an author has a character that has asperger’s syndrome. But in picking up the 2nd book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I had no idea how a flying car would work and I wouldn’t have been able to picture what a house-elf looks like. Nothing is as it seems and it turns out, I think that’s pretty awesome.


I won’t tap into too much of what the book is about as many of you know what happens, but I will say that I didn’t love this book as much as I did the first book. Now that being said, there’s a lot of pieces of the puzzle that are slowly developing that I can only assume will be a part of the bigger picture as the series progresses. And as much as I’m trying to avoid spoilers, they seem to be inevitable (thank you BuzzFeed) and J.K. Rowling and your recent confession.

I’m so glad that I’ve a part of this challenge and that it’s helping me feel like a kid all over again. Now I get why people rush to Universal Studios to try butter beer and travel in and out of Hogwart themed shops (man, I really did not take advantage of that experience last year). I’m also so glad that the books are helping me to enjoy a genre of reading that expands my imagination. It turns out that not everything has to be set in stone and make believe can be a lot of fun… who knew?

For more information about the Harry Potter Challenge, visit Just a Lil’ Lost’s sign up post and check out my thoughts of reading the first book in the series. And if you’re chatting about it online, be sure to use the hashtag #HPreread.

Now I’m off to start Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban… 

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7 thoughts on “How a Boy Wizard is Making Me Fall in Love with Reading All Over Again

  1. Michele | Just a Lil Lost says:

    I have been STRESSING out for you about all the HP spoilers.. I know it’s inevitable since so many people HAVE read it by now but when JKR’s confession came out, and all the other posts.. I keep cringing hoping you won’t see it.. because I keep saying it and I mean it.. I envy the position you’re in.. reading this for the first time ever. 🙂
    I felt like I liked this one more than I ended up liking it.. if that makes sense.. I enjoyed this movie, and maybe because the movie develops Harry & Draco’s rivalry more, and I’m a fan of the bad boy, that I thought I liked it more.. but upon this re-reading I was like …. meh. Alright. Moving on. 🙂

    YAY! ONTO BOOK 3!!! *cheerleading squad*

  2. Kailana says:

    I am glad you are enjoying these. Maybe one day I will try again. I am a different reader now than I was when I tried a few times over the years.

  3. Kaley @ Books Etc says:

    Yay, Harry! I don’t really like this book either but I adore book three. I hope you do, too! And I hope you can stay away from more spoilers. Oh! And go back to Universal – especially now that the expansion is being worked on (or completed? not sure). I went two years ago and my sister and I just about lost our minds. It’s just the coolest thing for Harry Potter lovers. Happy reading 🙂

  4. gonewiththebookCA says:

    I read the series growing up (the actors in the film are my age!) and adored them. The third book is by far the best, unfortunately the movie was a flop in comparison (although movies often are). I tried revisiting the series as an adult but my taste in literature drastically changed and it just wasn’t the same as those early years when the magic was fresh. I will have to try again in another decade and see what I think! 🙂

    The Prizoner of Azkaban will blow your mind! Enjoy!

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