Why I Was Wrong and Why All of You Were Right.

I actually don’t have a hard time saying I was wrong, but when it comes to books, I feel pretty concrete about my thoughts and opinions. All that went out the window, when I was proven wrong by all you lovely people who love that boy wizard, otherwise known as Harry Potter. As you might recall, at the beginning of January, one of my goals was to start reading Harry Potter. That’s right friends, I work in publishing, read approximately 100 books a year and I’ve never read the Harry Potter series. Now, I know your face probably looks like this right now,


But let me explain, before you write me off and hit the big red button on the corner of your left screen. I consciously chose not to read the books for a number of reasons:

1. I thought it was for children
2. I don’t enjoy fantasy
3. I don’t like to be a part of book trends

Now here’s why I was wrong…

1. I thought it was for children –> This is by no means just for children. The writing is phenomenal and is beyond the scope of writing for kids.
2. I don’t enjoy fantasy –> It turns out that if you let your guard down and just turn pages visualizing outlandish and unthinkable scenarios, you can really love a novel. Go figure.
3. I don’t like to be a part of book trends –> Yes, I’ve said this. I’ve tended to use this excuse most often when people would look at me like I had three eyes when I told them I’d yet to read the series. What I’ve learned is that even though trends sometimes get a tad silly, this series is by no means a fad.

Harry-Potter-And-The-Philosophers-Stone_novelAwhile ago (like 3/4 years), I was challenged by fellow blogger Steph to read the first book in the series, which I did. Now that being said, I think that reading it was fun, but I don’t think I fully or mentally committed, because I never picked up another book in the series. When I read the book this time around, I was shocked at how little I retained from that reading experience. I vaguely remembered that there was a three headed dog, that Harry had to run through a brick wall to get the train to Hogwarts, but that was about it. So this time around, I gave myself an empty Saturday afternoon, made sure I had a pot of coffee on and started reading.

And now I can finally say…  I get it. He’s not just a wizard, this kid is brilliant and our fearless leader/author J.K. Rowling knows how to write one hell of a book (lucky for me, she’s written six more). I was captivated by this world she’s created and I found myself envisioning which house I’d make it in if I had the sorting hat on. I found myself wanting to be friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione and most importantly, I found myself eager to read the next book in the series.

A huge thanks to Michele, from Just A ‘Lil Lost who not only created the Harry Potter Reading Challenge, but has been cheering me on via text and twitter!

Now I’m off to read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Stay tuned at the end of February for another Harry Potter reaction post.

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16 thoughts on “Why I Was Wrong and Why All of You Were Right.

  1. buriedinprint says:

    When you are the opinionated sort about bookish things, it’s extra fun to have those opinions overturned, I think. Hope you continue to enjoy the series!

  2. Kaley @ Books Etc says:

    I’m SO glad you enjoyed yourself the second time around and that you’re so excited to keep reading the series! Here’s a big pat on the back for stepping outside your comfort zone and reading something you didn’t think you’d like! *pat pat pat* I had the same feeling about The Hunger Games and was more than willing to admit that I was wrong. Can’t wait to see what you think of the Chamber of Secrets!

  3. Natalie Allen says:

    True confessions…have 3 kids all the age of real time HP and I have never read one HP book. Have read snippets to kids & have seen / snoozed thru some movies but that’s it. Sad (maybe) but true. Perhaps some day.

    • LR says:

      I think you’d really enjoy the first book and a bonus that it’s only 200 pages because you can breeze through it in an afternoon 🙂

  4. tanya (52 books or bust) says:

    Your reasons for not having read Harry Potter are the exact same as mine!! I think #3 at least come from working in the book industry. My reason #4 is that there is so much other stuff out there that i want to read more. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever read the books. I’m just putting it off until my daughter is old enough to enjoy them. Then we can read them together.

  5. Chelsey says:

    Woohoo! I’m reading these right now too, and I’m on the second one! So I’m excited to hear that you’re doing it! (Now even more of a reason for us to do our 24 pub read!) I stopped at book 4 when I was young and want to go back now and re-read from the beginning, but actually finish!
    I totally get not wanting to read something when the hype is just too much. But you are so right that this isn’t a fad. Excited to read along with you ;).
    Also! Unrelated.. but.. new RACHEL Bertsche?! I just saw! I’m excited!

    • LR says:

      I did not know there was a new Rachel Bertsche and now I’m SOOOO excited 🙂

      PS I really want to do the 24 hour readathon – we need to figure out logistics soon!

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