[Book Review] Forever Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Forever InterruptedThis might be the book I tweeted about the most in November. Every time I read a chapter, I’d write something about it. The picture in the right hand corner of the collage above is a picture I tweeted that read,

I have Friday night plans, but while out, I’ll be thinking of this last little bit to read #booknerdproblems pic.twitter.com/4l5PgBaaxZ

As you can see, I was a fan of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Forever Interrupted. It came on my radar when my pal Sarah from Simon & Schuster brought me a copy and said that every one in their office was reading and recommending this book. So I dropped all my other reading (which is so out of control, that I now operate using an excel spreadsheet) and devoured this book front to back.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Elsie Porter is boycotting all plans and has ordered herself a pizza for one. When she goes pick it up, she encounters a man named Ben Ross. He’s charming, witty and very convincing when it comes to asking her on a date. What happens next is what you call a “whirlwind romance”. They fall out of their social circles and instead, fall for one another. They’re friends are shocked and a tad nervous when they find out that they’ve taken their newly minted relationship to another level when they learn that they’ve sealed the deal by eloping. What happens next, isn’t really a spoiler, as the aftermath of the “tragedy” is the real premise of the story, but it does have a spoiler element, so you’ve been fair warned.

Elsie is craving Fruity Pebbles cereal and her new husband is, of course, happy to please her, so he hops on his bike and travels to the grocery store. After a few minutes, Elsie hear sirens and instinctively knows that something is wrong. She runs outside to find the love of her life on the ground, not breathing. Sadly, he was struct by a car and hasn’t made it. During this scene, I was a mess of tears and it was only a few pages in, so I can say with all honesty, that the rest of the book will require you to have tissue nearby.

Of course planning a funeral for your husband of mere weeks would be a tragedy for anyone, Elsie is faced with an obstacle that she and Ben are both responsible for, because Ben has neglected to inform his Mother (whom he’s very close with) that he’s met someone and that they got married. You can understand the confusion Ben’s Mother, Susan’s experiences when she encounters the woman planning her son’s funeral. As you can imagine, it doesn’t go over well and there new Mother-In-Law/Daughter-In-Law relationship starts off on a very rocky start.

Forever Interrupted is the story of Elsie and Susan, which means it’s a story of understanding, forgiveness and grieving. But it’s also a love story, as you jump back to scenes of Elsie and Ben’s relationship that examine why Ben chose to hide their relationship and why Elsie’s future will forever be changed by having Ben (and Susan) enter her life. The novel is smart, witty and filled with “what would you do?” moments.

My only piece of advice if you choose to pick up this book (and I hope you do), is that when you’re near the end, don’t make any plans to go out (like I did) because you’re going to want to finish this book with zero interruptions.

If you’d like to read an excerpt of this book, check out this sneak peek from Chatelaine Magazine.

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