[Fierce Short] Cheating at the End of the World by Corey Redekop

It’s day 3 on the Fierce Ink Press Takeover Week. A quick description of what a ‘Fierce Short’ is before I get started on my review. To quote from the Fierce Ink Press website, “Fierce Shorts are creative non-fiction pieces about all things teen. Love, friends, school, family, fitting in, standing out. For some it’s a trip down memory lane, for others it’s a breath of relief that they aren’t alone.”

Cheating at the End of the WorldIf you like funny, then Cheating at the End of the World is for you! So far each Fierce Short I’ve read has dealt with some pretty heavy topics, but this piece had a different take, mostly because as Corey notes, his biggest childhood complaint was that his parents moved him to another city away from friends and family. When you’re thirteen years old and are forced to move to a new town, specifically Winnipeg, MB, you’re bound to be a little bummed. Feeling isolated and alone will put you in a tailspin of sorts and as Corey states,

Today I would likely be diagnosed as being clinically depressed or worse.

His escape route was found in the Yoder Enns Mennonite Collegiate library, a library that held some of the classics. Each lunch period would be spent time with Arthur C. Clare, Frank Herbert, Ray Bradbury, etc… It’s also when he learned that he didn’t need to be powerless, that he had the ability to manipulate people. In Corey’s case, he unknowinly plotted his newfound capabilities on his Creative English teacher, Ms. Lysecki.

Corey has little, to no respect for his teacher, who he believes has no business being a Creative English teacher, especially because he doesn’t even think she knows how to write anything creative. His annoyance looms with him for quite some time, until he figures out how to get around her silly assignments and writing exercises. What happens is absolutely brilliant and there’s no doubt that Corey learned exactly how to manipulate Ms. Lysecki!

The reason I’m enjoying the pieces that Fierce Ink Press sent me is because they capture a pivotal point in a person’s youth. These moments have helped to develop a persons character and their sense of humour (in this case). Cheating at the End of the World is easy to relate to, will definitely make you laugh and will have you rushing to get your hands on work written by Corey Redekop. You can purchase a copy for the same price as a Starbucks beverage here.

Drop by tomorrow when I’ll be reviewing These Memories Can’t Wait by Jamie Fitzpatrick.


My thanks to Fierce Ink Press for allowing me the opportunity to read and review Cheating at the End of the World by Corey Redekop.

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