Fierce Ink Press Takeover Week

FierceColleen McKie and I go way back… I’d started following her blog long before it became my job to work with book bloggers. Then when I got to work one on one with her, I knew that she was full of greatness. That’s why it didn’t surprise me when I received an email from her telling me that she and the talented Kimberly Walsh were going to partner and create a publication dedicated to showcasing Atlantic Canadian authors who write young adult fiction, called Fierce Ink Press.

Here’s a description of what they do and who they are from their website:

Fierce Ink Press Co-op Ltd. is a publishing label dedicated to producing high quality books of fiction and short non-fiction pieces by Atlantic Canadian authors who write for young adults. Part co-operative*, part author collective, we work with authors who are interested in the idea of independent publishing but would like the support provided by a traditional publisher. We are your business partner, your project manager and will work with you from start to finish. We will hand-pick your editorial and design team while personally taking on some roles (such as media relations) because it’s what we rock at.

While our focus is on eBooks and Print On Demand (POD), that’s not to say we’re leaving traditional print books and brick and mortar stores out of the picture. We’ll also be producing collector’s edition books. Much like the music industry has embraced vinyl again, we’ll be distributing limited print runs with value-added content. With the purchase of any of our hardcover editions readers will be able to redeem coupon codes to receive a personalized and autographed bookplate from the author plus a free download of the eBook.

When Colleen contacted me asking me if I’d like to review some Fierce Shorts, she labelled it a ‘Freaky Friday’ moment, because we’d officially switched roles in our working relationship. Now she was the publisher reaching out to have me review her publications work. Of course, I was more than happy to participate, not only because I’m a fan of small press publications, I’m also as a born and raised Nova Scotian.

Fierce Ink Press also distributes Fierce Shorts, which according to their website, “Fierce Shorts are creative non-fiction pieces about all things teen. Love, friends, school, family, fitting in, standing out. For some it’s a trip down memory lane, for others it’s a breath of relief that they aren’t alone.”

What I’m leading up to is that over the next five days, I’ll be featuring a different Fierce Short each day:

Monday, July 8th            Before I Was Me by Chad Pelley
Tuesday, July 9th            I Used to Think I’d Make a Good Boy by Carol Little
Wednesday, July 10th    Cheating at the End of the World by Corey Redekop
Thursday, July 11th        These Memories Can’t Wait by Jamie Fitzpatrick
Friday, July 12th             Cuisve by Chris Benjamin

So be sure to stop by and hear my thoughts on each this week.

*My sincere thanks to the team at Fierce Ink Press for giving me the opportunity to read each story.

Connect with Fierce Ink Press:


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