10 Celebrities I Want to Write A Memoir

Celebrities Memoir CollageIf you’ve been following this blog for awhile, it’s not a secret that I’m a fan of a good celebrity memoir. I don’t know what it is about celebrities, but I’m no stranger to buying a $2.99 magazine to stare at pictures of the Angelina/Brad family and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I like to keep up to date on the love saga of Justin and Selena. When a celebrity writes a memoir, I feel as if they’re giving me an invitation to peek into their lives when we’re so often given little access to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Some have chosen not to write  a memoir yet, but I continue to wait with baited breath for the day when they do.

In no particular order, here are the celebrities I’d like to see write a memoir.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has been in the “biz” for quite some time, which only solidifies the reasons as to why she needs to pen a memoir. I’d love to read about the behind the scenes on the set of Footloose and that little gig she did for HBO would definitely conjure up some great reading material.

2. George Stroumboulopoulos

When I was in high school, Strombo was a VJ on Much Music. I would watch in my Nova Scotia home and wish that one day I would be living in the big city of Toronto. He (and I) and I have come a long way. He now hosts one of the most successful late night talk shows here in Canada, called The Hour and I always feel a little smarter when I hear him speak on any subject. This is one memoir I want to happen. Like, yesterday.

3. Lauren Graham

Okay, this is a bit of a stretch, because as many of you know Lauren Graham just wrote her first novel Someday, Someday, Maybe, which is the story of a young woman trying to make it in NYC as an actress. Obviously, there is a bit of Lauren Graham’s story infused in her fictional story, but not enough unfortunately. What I want from Lauren Graham is a look at her journey from commercials to Gilmore Girls. Someday, someday, maybe will get a memoir out of her!

4. Margaret Atwood

We’ve read her fiction, we’ve read her poetry, now all we need is a memoir from the woman behind some of the best literature in the market. If you’ve ever read Margaret Atwood’s Twitter  feed, you know she’s a woman with lots to say. Now if we can just get her to write a memoir more than 140 characters, we’d be in business!

5. Kristen Wiig

I always thought Kristen Wiig was funny on Saturday Night Live, but then when she wrote and starred in Bridesmaids, she took on a whole new level of funny. Like many of her SNL comrades, she got her start in the improvisational comedy troupe, the Groundlings. Her rise to fame has been a comedy filled  one and someone as talented as she is definitely has to share her story sometime soon!

6. Britney Spears

What can I say? I like a little gossip. It’s been no surprise Britney Spears has been through hell and back in the last ten years. Impromptu marriages, legal problems, a shaved head, etc. We’ve all watched it play out like a bad episode of Jersey Shore and I want to know the answers to all of our unanswered questions. I completely understand why she hasn’t released a memoir as the media loves her and they’d probably eat her alive, but I know that with some time, she’ll write a memoir and I know it’ll everything I want it to be.

7. Hannah Hart 

Maybe it’s better to say ‘My Drunk Kitchen‘ as opposed to saying Hannah Hart when I talk about my next pick. If you’re not following her on YouTube, there is no time like the present. Hannah’s life took a 180 turn when she decided to make a funny video of her drinking and cooking for her friends birthday. That one video changed her life and she is now one of the biggest YouTube sensations on the web. She’s currently touring the United States and Canada in an RV (vlogging the whole experience of course) while she meets her fans and cooks with all of them. I know that this amazing, positive and outgoing individual will be published in no time.

8. Will Ferrell

It’s shocking me that he doesn’t already have a memoir. Someone needs to make it happen, STAT. On the other hand, Will Ferrell has been busy making hilarious films, so I suppose it’s okay. Like Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell really hit his stride on Saturday Night Live and has been on a role ever since. When it does happen, you’ll be able to say, that you heard it here first.

9. Oprah

There have been biographies (some really juicy ones to be exact), but there has never been a memoir penned by the Queen of Talk. We know Oprah loves recommending books, but it’s about time that she shares her story with all of us! We know she has one hell of a story to tell and we can only hope that one day, she decides to share it with us. In the meantime, I’ll just continue reading everything she recommends to read.

10. Sarah Polley

I’m fascinated by Sarah Polley. She’s this amazing young woman who’s not only a fascinating actress, but she writes and directs fantastic films that go above and beyond the norm. Her newest film, Stories We Tell, is the closest thing we have to a memoir thus far, as it examines the fact that her Mother had an affair and the man she thought was her biological Father, isn’t actually the case. I can respect and understand the reasoning as to why this story is being shown on film and not in print. But my hope is that one day, she shares this story and the story of her days of going from actress to director in writing, because I know it would be an outstanding read.

Share with me in the comments below which celebrities you’d like to write a memoir?

2 thoughts on “10 Celebrities I Want to Write A Memoir

  1. Court says:

    1. I can no longer hear Sloan’s Money City Maniacs without associating it with The Hour.
    2. I miss the days when Strombo was a VJ on Much Music. Same with Rick the Temp. And Rainbow Francks.
    3. Where is the mention of Road to Avonlea for Sarah Polley? That was some awesome stuff.

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