[Book Review] Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

I wanted to start this review with something other than:

“I want to be BFF with Lauren Graham”
“She will always be Lorelai Gilmore to me”

… But I can’t do it, I simply can’t do it. When I heard that Lauren Graham had written a novel, first I squealed with delight and then I thought, “Well she’s done it again. That Lauren Graham has found another way to capture my heart, she’s ventured into the world of publishing.”

In Someday, Someday, Maybe, you’re going to be heading back to the 90’s. A time when 9780345532749butterfly clips were cool and trying to make in the world of acting didn’t involve getting famous on YouTube or having the last name Kardashian. Franny, a twenty something woman is trying to make it in the “biz” the good ‘ol fashioned way, by going to countless auditions, only to be continuously disappointed. In an attempt to be realistic about her expectations and being mindful of her budget, Franny set a deadline  when she moved to New York. She gave herself three years to get discovered and achieve her dream and if she doesn’t “make it”, she’s packing it in and heading home. With her deadline quickly approaching, Franny (like all twenty year olds) begins to question whether or not she made the right decision to follow this path in the first place.

Someday, Someday, Maybe is classified as fiction, but it does seem to be a reflection of the early days of Lauren Graham’s career. On Graham’s Wikipedia page it states,

After completing her education, Graham moved back to New York City where she became a waitress and aspiring actress, including her first paid work doing publicity appearances wearing the costume of Striker, the dog mascot of the US-based 1994 FIFA World Cup.[5] In 1995, she relocated to Hollywood, California. She appeared in various commercials for products such as Dimetapp and Lean Cuisine and hosted free preview weekends on The Movie Channel.

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

If you’re an author, sometimes you’re encouraged to write what you know and this seems to be the case when Lauren Graham put pen to paper, which I can appreciate, because I feel like she’s letting me get a glimpse into her life, but at arms length. I’m also a sucker for a good coming of age story and that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you enter the world of Franny and her charming two roommates. Celebrating a commercial debut with her friends is equally as important as attending a movie premiere in Franny’s world. She’s a character that’s funny, quick with a comeback and you’re immediately going to fall in love with her!

Whether you’re trying to make it as an actor, or any career for that matter, working towards a dream is always an uphill battle and Lauren Graham perfectly captures what its like to travel down the unknown path in trying to figure it all out.

It’s a sweet and charming novel that will have you reminiscing about first loves, first jobs and that feeling that someday, maybe, all your dreams will come true.

I had the opportunity to join a live video chat with Lauren Graham and let me tell you, she’s one funny lady. I got a little crafty using my iPod and took a video for all of you:


3 thoughts on “[Book Review] Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

  1. Laura Baker says:

    I’ve just finished reading this and I absolutely loved it. As a huge fan of her acting – I’m so relieved Lauren Graham can also write! Is there no end to her talents?! Fab review, thanks.

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