I Met Gretchen Rubin and it was Magical

It’s a well known fact that I’m a HUGE fan of Gretchen Rubin. Her books came into my world when I was in need of some desperate life organization. You can read all about my bathroom overhaul here and my utility makeover here.

When I found out she was coming into the office to sign some copies of her newest book, Happier At Home, I went into weird fan girl mode. I’m very lucky because I sit in a very good author viewing location in our downtown office and I knew she was in the meeting room because I’d been tipped off by a very reliable source 😉 In full disclosure, I’ve become a little used to authors coming in and out of the office and my fan girl moments have been kept under control (except when Curtis Stone entered the building), but I was getting giddy knowing she was only 10 steps away from me.

Then the exciting part happened… the door opened and I heard my colleague say, “You have to meet Lindsey, she’s a huge fan and really wants to meet you”! I may have skipped, I don’t know, but I did go in the meeting room, book in hand and told her that she’s help me reclaim a little piece of happiness and that I’m a huge fan. I also shared that I started with Happier At Home and have since picked up The Happiness Project (which I’m saving to read in Florida when I go in April).  To say she was genuine and an absolute sweetheart would be an understatement. She smiled and said such kind things while I gushed. She also wrote the nicest message in my book!

IMG_0585If you’ve yet to pick this book up, I don’t know what you’re waiting for… it’s a beautiful and innovative guide that will help create a happier, and more energetic you. It helps you really focus on what’s important and teaches you to forget about the trivial things that seem so daunting, but never really are in the grand scheme of things!

If you have read this book, leave a comment below and tell me all the ways in which Gretchen’s assisted in helping you to find your happy! 




One thought on “I Met Gretchen Rubin and it was Magical

  1. AnnH says:

    I was so inspired by The Happiness Project that I bought copies for friends. I spent a lot of time watching Gretchen’s weekly videos. She makes you feel like a friend. So jealous of your fan girl dream come true!

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