A Bookish Pickle

I know that you’re probably thrown off by the title of this blog post, but that’s what I’m experiencing… a bookish pickle.

Let me elaborate. I’m a huge fan of CBC’s Canada Reads. I like to read each book nominated, but I’m about to let you in a little unknown fact about me. I secretly get behind one book and hope and pray that it will win – I’m almost positive my good vibes had a hand in Terry Fallis winning (I kid, I kid).

As I’m sure many of you have heard, CBC is throwing a twist into this 2013’s Canada Reads titles, because they’re dividing the five books across geographical lines. They’ll be five books that will represent Canada’s five regions:

  • British Columbia and Yukon
  • Prairies and North
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic Provinces

Image via CBC Canada Reads Website

This is where my dilemma comes into play… I was born and raised in the Martimes – I know how to throw a kitchen party, I only drink Keith’s and I apologize to people when they step on my toes. That being said, for the past five years, I’ve been a Torontonian – I can stand on the subway without holding onto anything but my purse and coffee, I rush to get everywhere and I can navigate the Eaton Centre on a Saturday afternoon like a champ. So… do I put my loyalties behind my hometown region or do I get behind Ontario and support my new found hometown? This is a real life problem friends!

Recently, I read an article by Mark Medley in the National Post declaring that Canada Reads will devolve into civil war and the following quote made my stomach do a flip.

Show your allegiance! You either belong to British Columbia and the Yukon; the Prairies and the North; Ontario (holla!); Quebec; or the Atlantic Province. No, you cannot cheer for more than one team. What’s that little Timmy? Your parents are divorced and you spend half your time with Mommy in Toronto and half your time with Daddy in Halifax? Too bad. Choose whom you love more.

I’m screwed.

What do you think blog followers? Twitter friends? Do I support the Atlantic Provinces and stay true to the province where I was raised? OR do I cheer on my current city and pledge allegiance to Ontario? HELP!!!

If you’ve got your ducks in order and know who you’re supporting, go over to CBC’s website and have your voice heard. You can also let the public know how you’re voting, by tweeting the hashtag affiliated with your region:

  • British Columbia and Yukon: #canadareadsBCY
  • Prairies and North: #canadareadsPraN
  • Ontario: #canadareadsON
  • Quebec: #canadareadsQC
  • Atlantic Provinces: #canadareadsATL

Please note the following information from the Canada Reads website:

The five regional Top 10 lists will be revealed on Wednesday, October 24, at 10 a.m. ET on Q and on the Canada Reads website.


3 thoughts on “A Bookish Pickle

  1. Jennifer D. says:

    Hmmm….why don’t you go with the book you are most passionate about and leave the regions out of it?? I mean, sure, you still have to decide on a book for each region, but out of all your choices, I bet there is one you love just a little bit more than the others. I am totally hoping Michael Crummey’s GALORE makes it into the mix. Sure, I have Newfie blood and family that live there….but I have never made it there myself. Yet. I was born in Edmonton, have lived in Ottawa and Toronto and went to university in Quebec. So…I have love for the whole country! Now, if I can only get to Saskatchewan and Newfoundland, I will have hit every province and territory! 🙂 (I also really hope the format doesn’t cause the discussions to devolve into regional ugliness. I am actually really worried about that!)

    Good luck!!

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