Review: Where We Belong – Emily Giffin

Recently I was on vacation in sunny and beautiful Florida and I swear I’ve been going through Disney withdrawal ever since I got back to Toronto. Admittedly, there wasn’t too much time for reading, because I was hanging out with Shamu, Mickey Mouse and all the animals at Animal Kingdom, but I did get the opportunity to read a book that’s been on my to be read list for quite some time. I was looking to read something light, fun and upbeat and I knew that Emily Giffin would do the trick. Is there anything better than lying in the sun, next a pool, while reading an addictive novel? Yeah…. I don’t think so either.

In the span of two sunny afternoons, I devoured Emily’s new book, Where We Belong. It’s told from two different perspectives, Kirby, an eighteen year old who loves her adoptive family, but gets the sense, she doesn’t really fit in. The other protagonist is her adoptive Mother, Marian, who lives in Manhattan, is a television producer and is on the brink of getting engaged to her multi-million dollar boyfriend. Even though both woman seem content in their lives, you get the sense (early on in their stories), that their is something missing. It’s important to note, that the weaving in and out of their voices, gave it a genre mashup of sorts. On the one hand, you went back into teenager mode (YA) when Kirby dealt with growing pains, best friend drama and first kisses. Then you were reading fiction with a hint of romance when you read Marian’s perspective. A clever tactic in my opinion, because the book can be read by different audiences.

Of course, the obvious takes place and Kirby shows up on her birth Mother’s doorstep, with only a little cash and many unanswered questions. Rather than explaining the why’s, how’s and who, she uses her fancy career and credit card to distract Kirby. Rather than interject, Kirby plays along and heads home to her parents and sister with a thousand more questions than before. With time though, the story develops into a journey of self discovery for both women. Their sudden entrance into one another lives brings secrets, realities and truth to the surface and you’ll be glued to the book to find out what happens next.

In true Emily Giffen form, it’s quirky, funny and an endearing story that will cause you to haul out the book with every free minute you have. Seriously, my Dad was like, “put that book away and swim”! When a book is this addictive, there’s no time for extra curricular activities.

Pick this one up if you’re about to go on vacation or if you’re in the mood for a light and enjoyable read!


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