Chatting with Debbie Macomber, author of The Inn at Rose Harbor

Last week I got the opportunity to have lunch with New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber. Before I share with you our chat, let me just say that Debbie is a talented author, who’s new book, The Inn at Rose Harbor is a true testament to her craft.

The story itself is focused around three characters who travel to the small town of Cedar Cove, on a search for different things. Jo Marie Rose is trying to heal from the sudden death of her husband. Abby has been running away from healing for a long time and traveling back to her home town of Cedar Cove is a huge burden to bare, but deep down she knows it’s time to face the truth. Lastly, we’re introduced to Joshua (who was my favorite character) who originally travels to the town and plans on getting in and getting out, but the circumstances that he’s runs into, ultimately, make him prolong his stay.

Do you know that feeling when you buy a boxed set of a television series, and you think to yourself, “I’m just going to watch one episode” and then 3 hours have passed, you’re on episode 4 and half your day is gone? That’s what this novel felt like to me. I want to know who’s going to enter Jo Marie’s bed in breakfast next and what’s going on in the town of Cedar Cove, it’s that good!

Check out the quick and fun chat below:


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