Review: Above All Things – Tanis Rideout

When you click on the link below, it will direct you to Tanis Rideout’s “Above All Things” book description, which reads,

The Paris Wifemeets Into Thin Airin this breathtaking debut novel.

If that doesn’t get you excited about reading this book, than I don’t know what will. Tanis  Rideout has often been referred to as the “Poet Laureate of CanRock.” according to Write the Nation Tour. She’ll now have a new name to add to her accomplishments, “an author of epic proportions” <– I came up with that on my own! Why is she an author of epic proportions you ask? In her debut novel “Above All Things“, she’s created a fictional version of George Mallory, the English mountaineer’s who was determined to conquer Mount Everst. Similar to “The Paris Wife“, she also explores the feelings of his beloved wife, Ruth, which makes the reader experience a  well rounded version of their love story that is mixed with the need and want to fulfill a lifelong dream.

George Mallory was an explorer and he was hell bent on making sure he climbed to Mount Everest, a feat that he attempted in three separate exhibitions. His determination to climb the mountain was a seen as passionate by some and foolish by others. Despite what people thought, his wife Ruth supported him. From Tanis Rideout’s point on view, Ruth didn’t always understand his reasoning, but she loved him for his determination to achieve his goal. Their love story is described in each of their voices, switching narration between George and Ruth. To give their Mount Everest story more depth, Rideout also weaves Sandy Irvine’s voice into this beautiful story and we also get to hear his fears and excitement about trying to conquer Everest.

Many of you may already know the ending of this story or you will know after doing a quick Google search of George Mallory. Unlike many novels, this book doesn’t find it’s strength in the conclusion, it’s story is developed and explored in the core of the novel. As I said before, Tanis Rideout is an author of epic proportions. She embodies the spirit of George and Ruth Mallory and navigates a story of strength, redemption and love with such grace that you’ll think she’s been writing novels for years and years.

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