Review: Everybody Has Everything – Katrina Onstad

Back in my University days long, long ago, I remember having Katrina Onstad’s “How Happy To Be” on my non-school reading pile with every intention to read it, but it never happened. When I heard that Katrina Onstad had written a new novel called “Everybody Has Everything” I wanted to make sure I followed through this time and actually read her book. I was drawn into this story after reading the opening sentence,

In the end it took Ana and James only an hour to become parents.

Thus begins the story of Ana, James and two and a half year old Finn. Ana and James had been trying desperately to conceive a child, but had just recently learned that they are unable to have children, so they are thinking about adoption. Spending time with friends that have children is difficult, but they manage to swallow their pride when they’re around their good friends Marcus and Sarah and their little boy Finn. They see the joy and happiness that Finn brings to their lives, that’s why the yearn to have a child so badly.

Tragedy strikes when Marcus, Sarah and Finn are involved in a horrific car accident that claims the life of Marcus, leaves Sarah in a coma and leaves Finn unscathed. With little family connections on Marcus and Sarah’s end, they indicate in their will that Ana and James are to become the legal guardian of their three year old. Even though they both yearned to be parents, this isn’t the way they wanted it to happen. Looking after a two and a half year old that has a relatively stable routine proves to be difficult at first. Ana and James don’t know what song Finn’s referring to when he asks them to sing the “light song” before he goes to bed and they don’t have all the kiddie sized food in their home that they know Sarah always had on hand.

Katrina Onstad marries a perfect combination of humor mixed with tragedy in “Everybody Has Everything“. You’ll read about this couples struggle to figure out how to care for a young boy and weave him into their busy schedules, thus making them test the theory about whether or not they’re really capable of being parents after all. It’s a touching story, that will leave you wanting more right up until the last page!

Everybody Has Everything” is in stores today.


2 thoughts on “Review: Everybody Has Everything – Katrina Onstad

  1. stephen1001 says:

    Nice review (and what a felicitous last name for a book reviewer!) of a well written novel. I never thought I’d gravitate toward the Style section of a newspaper but Katrina Onstad’s globe & mail column is always worth exploring as well.

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