Readathon Round-Up

A great Readathon took place yesterday when Amy and I read for a total of 18 hours! At 2:00am we just couldn’t do it anymore and we admitted defeat and finally got to rest our eyes.

Here is a round up of the books we read yesterday.

1. Above All Things – Tanis Rideout
2. Love is a Four Letter Word – Vikki VanSickle
3. I Was Told There’d Be Cake – Sloane Crosley
4. Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores – Jen Campbell

1. The Taker – Alma Katsu
2. In the Orchard, the Swallows – Peter Hobbs
3. Girl Walks into a Bar – Rachel Dratch

So there you have it friends! We laughed, we napped and we ate like kings. Thanks for stopping by the blog, tweeting and sending lots of encouragement, it made it that much more fun!

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