Anne Rice at the TPL’s Appel Salon

There are many perks of working in publishing, but the best perk is getting to meet author royalty. Today that’s exactly what happened when Anne Rice walked in the doors. She was kind, gracious and laughed a lot. I was fortunate to get a signed copy for my “book boyfriend”, because I’ve heard through the grape vine that he’s quite the fan.

She had an event at the Toronto Public Libraries, Appel Salon where she sat down to answers questions with CBC’s Mary Hynes. Their conversation flowed like a chat between two old friends. They discussed her new novel, “The Wolf Gift” and how she was inspired to create the main character, Reuben, after watching Matt Bomer, an actor who plays Neal Caffrey on the television show “White Collar”. She actually decided to write a book about wolves after receiving an email from the creator of the show, Jeff Eastin, urging her to write about wolves and promising that if she did, he’d buy oodles and oodles of hardcover copies. She made his wish come true, but she assured us tonight that she would be sending him a hardcover copy.

The other aspect of the interview that I thoroughly enjoyed was Anne and Mary’s discussion of the online community of fans she has and how they help to influence her writing. Some call her the Facebook Queen because not only does she have 574,441 likes, but she consistently joins threads of conversations in an effort to reach out to her fans, sometimes 2-3 times a day. She also discussed how these fans have helped to influence her writing decisions, giving suggestions and feedback. Social media has been an effective tool in bridging the gap between authors and readers and it was nice to hear that someone of Anne Rice’s caliber takes note of what her fans are saying.

She was poised, articulate and really funny. Her newest book “The Wolf Gift” is in stores tomorrow and word on the street is that the Queen of Goth is back!

4 thoughts on “Anne Rice at the TPL’s Appel Salon

  1. Michele // Just a Lil Lost says:

    First off, I can’t believe I hadn’t officially followed your blog yet… (till now!)

    Secondly, great recap! So nice seeing you this evening! What a fantastic event.. loved the candid interview and I’m totally psyched to read The Wolf Gift!

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