Review: I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella

Confession* I love reading Sophie Kinsella books! I always have, I always will, but I’m going on the record and saying that Sophie Kinsella latest book, “I’ve Got Your Number” is my favorite book she’s ever written. Bold statement, I know, but it’s true, this book if fun, frothy and is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Poppy Wyatt has lost her emerald diamond engagement ring from her fiance Magnus. Obviously devastated, she frantically searches high and low at the hotel tea room where she and her friends were chatting and where Poppy agreed to let each of them try it on to experience it’s sheer beauty. The problem begins when the fire alarm goes off and the ring is no where to be found after they return indoors. Frantic and frazzled, she runs outside to phone friends for additional assistance, but tragedy strikes again when a boy on a bicycle grabs her cell phone right out of her hands and drives off into the distance. Clearly, things aren’t looking good for Poppy, that is until she spots a used phone sitting on top of a garbage pile. It appears to be in good working condition, so Poppy resorts to having to give the hotel concierge this cell phone number in hopes that they’ll phone her if the ring turns up.

What Poppy doesn’t realize is that when she picked up that phone, she was picking up a whole new set of responsibilities. The found phone once belonged to a girl named Violet who use to be Sam Roxton’s personal assistant. Sam works for Globe Consulting Firm, which ultimately means that he receives hundreds of emails a day, emails that Poppy now has complete access to. When Sam discovers the phone is in the hands of a complete stranger, he asks to have it back, but of course Poppy is waiting on hearing back from the hotel about her engagement ring… oh the dilemma! They decide to make an unconventional arrangement that consists of Poppy forwarding all emails to Sam and returning the phone when she’s received her call about the ring.

In true Kinsella form, this unconventional relationship takes a completely different turn and both Poppy and Sam intertwine themselves in each others lives, giving friendly advice and guidance. The whole time I read the novel, I found it to read like a movie, I could envision a klutzy British woman named Poppy getting herself into lots of laugh out loud scenarios and a charming business man named Sam that is incredibly sexy, but has horrible texting etiquette. Regardless, if it becomes a movie or if it doesn’t, the book is worth the read! Generally, I always get overwhelmed when I see the size of her books, but even at a 448 page count, it seemed like I breezed through the novel, clearly a result of a talented author.

This book will be in stores on February 14, 2012.


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