CBC Canada Reads 2012

Yesterday I got the honor of attending the kickoff of the CBC Canada Reads 2012: True Stories debates. *I would have taken pictures, but it was a closed set*

When I entered the studio, you could sense the excitement in the air, especially when Jian Ghomeshi walked in. Then the judges were brought in individually, all with smiles on their faces, they appeared to be excited and not nervous at all. If you don’t know who was judging the competition this year, the judges and their books are:

Alan Thicke: The Game by Ken Dryden
Stacey McKenzie: On a Cold Road by Dave Bidini
Arlene Dickinson: Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat (VOTED OFF)
Shad: Something Fierce by Carmen Aguirre
Anne-France Goldwater: The Tiger by John Vaillant

The smiles and the joking were short lived when it came down to business, with each panelist fighting hard to keep their book in the running. It was a very heated debate that at times gave me goosebumps. In the end, “Prisoner of Tehran” was voted off, in what everyone is claiming to be a strategic/game play move. All things considered, it is a game that’s supposed to be fun and spark conversation, so sometimes that’s the way the chips fall.

If you weren’t able to catch the debate, you can re-watch it here and you can have an opportunity to hear and see the debates at 10 a.m. ET today, tomorrow and on Thursday to watch all the drama unfold!

Who do YOU think is going to take home the award this year?



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