Review: MWF Seeking BFF – Rachel Bertsche

Some back story before I get started on my book review of Rachel Bertsche’s, “MWF Seeking BFF“. About a year ago, I stumbled upon a blog that intrigued me, it was the blog of a woman who was approximately the same age as me who was on a hunt for a BFF in the city of Chicago. I instantly was able to relate to this bloggers experience, because when I moved to Toronto for my career, I didn’t know a soul and was forced to put myself out there in ways I’ve never had to before to make new friends in a big, lonely city.

Seeing as how our stories were similar in so many ways, I commented on the blog sharing my experience. I received a lovely email back from Rachel Bertsche saying thank you for sharing my story and commenting that she was excited to hear that I worked for Random House, which unbeknown to me was going to be the publisher of her upcoming book “MWF Seeking BFF”. It was such a coincidence and so exciting to make contact with a blogger/author that I admired and was able to relate to on such a personal level. I was thrilled to get an advance reading copy of her book on my desk a couple of months back. I dedicated an afternoon to the novel, because I knew that if the book was anything like Rachel’s blog then I was going to love it.

Prior to her marriage, Rachel Bertsche had a long distance relationship with her boyfriend while she lived in New York City. Life in NYC wasn’t just fun because of the location, but because her two best friends lived in the city and were always up for an afternoon movie or grabbing the occasional coffee. After she married her husband, they decided to move halfway between their two locations and start a life together in the city of Chicago. But with love and happiness came a new challenge in the sense that Rachel was placed in city where her best friends weren’t a 15 minute walk away and she longed to find that kind of companionship with some Chicago residents. So Rachel set a goal for herself with the encouragement of her husband, to go on 52 friend dates over the span of a year on a hunt to find some new Chicago best friends.

It’s much harder to make friends as an adult because unlike children, we’re not placed in groups on the playgrounds. Rachel had to start from the ground up and was forced to interact with people in unusual places, even branching out and putting herself out there on the inter-web to meet new people. What begins as a story of the hunt for companionship in a span of 52 “friend dates”, becomes so much more with every page you read. Rachel’s memoir is a growth in itself and it was a wonderful read that I’ve been recommending to all my friends and fellow bloggers, simply because it’s a story we can all relate to in one way or another.

***Stay tuned to the blog on the 28th, as I’ll be sharing my Q&A session I had with the talented Rachel Bertsche.***


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