Reeder’s Holiday Book Buying Guide

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Christmas shopping can get pretty overwhelming, that’s why this year I made a list of who was getting what before I even stepped foot in a mall. In an attempt to help you with your Christmas shopping list, I thought it might be fun to come up with a list of books that I’ve enjoyed over the year 2011 and these are books that I think will make the perfect gift for someone on your list. Please keep in mind there was a huge selection of books to choose from this year and these are just 10 of my favorites. I can ensure you that with all the many wonderful books that came out this year, your sure to find the perfect selection for anyone when you enter your nearest bookstore.

So you want to buy a gift for your DAD that isn’t a tie or a pair of socks:

Why not pick up a copy of Man Booker Prize Winner, Julian Barnes and his triumphant novel, “The Sense of an Ending“.

Tony has always been the kind of man that is content to let life happen, however, when reflecting on his friendship with childhood friend, Adrian he’s forced to reevaluate the life he’s created and the value of time becomes a real essence. With a total of 160 pages, your Dad will be swept up into a story that is gripping and moving… It’s also way better than a pair of socks!

You want to pick up a book for your MOM that makes her stand out in a crowd:

Then you have to get her a copy of the much anticipated Ami McKay book, “The Virgin Cure“. Ami hits it out of the park with her second book about a young girl named Moth who’s forced to live in a Bowery.

Another character that’s as gripping as Moth, is the voice of Dr. Sadie, a character modeled after Ami McKay’s great grandmother. Filled with strong and independent females, your Mom will love this gripping and outstanding novel.

Are you stumped when it comes to shopping for your BROTHER:

No need to stress, just pick him up the critically acclaimed novel “The Sisters Brother“, written by Patrick DeWitt. He might not think he’s into western stories, but he’ll retract that statement after being 15 pages into DeWitt’s award winning book.

People fear the Sisters brothers, their reputation has preceded them and they are notorious for killing others in their tracks. On a mission to kill, we set off with these two very different brothers on a trek like no other. This is the kind of book that you don’t think you’ll enjoy, but end up preaching to everyone about and it’s a sure bet when it comes to your sibling!

You want to get your SISTER a gift that will have her squealing as soon as she rips off the wrapping paper:

The book that everyone wanted to read this fall was Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” and everyone wanted to read it for good reason. It’s hilarious!

Filled with essays that will have your sis laughing/snorting at the Christmas dinner table, Kaling discusses  a range of topics such as: Her feelings about John Mellencamp, how to achieve the right amount of fame and how portraying Ben Affleck and Matt Damon helped her get recognized by Hollywood. This is just scratching the surface and I can ensure your sister will adore this book!

You want to get your BEST FRIEND a book that will show them just how much you value your friendship:

You’ll have to wait until December 20th to pick up this book for your BFF, but I can ensure you that it’ll be worth the holiday lineups when she reads Rachel Bertsche’s fabulous memoir, “MWF Seeking BFF”.

Friendships that you value and work on are something each of us treasure and after moving to a new city with her Husband, Bertsche’s on the hunt to find BFF’s like the one’s she had in NYC. Her venture turns into a yearlong search that uses unconventional methods to find a friend that you can call on Sunday morning to grab a cup of coffee. Your BFF will love this memoir showcasing the importance of friendship!

If you have a friend that’s an outstanding BAKER and you want to give them something sweet in book form:

Look no further, because Darien Gee’s beautiful novel “Friendship Bread” is the story of women and friendship intertwined with a yummy recipe.

Sometimes life gets hectic and we lose sight of the important things. Darien Gee helps to showcase the fact that one should never underestimate the power of baked goods. Your baking friends will love this adorable and heart-warming novel.

Want to get your MUSIC LOVING friends a little something special:

Well then be sure to get a copy of Jann Arden’s gripping memoir, “Falling Backwards“.

The best thing about this memoir is the fact that Jann Arden isn’t afraid to go there, it’s vulnerable, touching and shares her story about how she became the woman the artist she is today.

Her truthfulness and hilarity are infused on each page and this book will become an instant staple in your friends music collection.

You need to buy a gift for a WINE LOVER, but you want to get them something other than wine:

Wine lovers might know the difference between a good and bad glass of wine, but in Natalie MacLean’s “Unquenchable” she’s set out to help individuals find quality wine at bargain prices. Natalie MacLean made it her mission to travel and find the best wines for food pairing and how to obtain quality wine for reasonable prices, not an easy fete.

Picking up this lovely/helpful book will make your wine loving friends thank you over and over again… and hopefully get invited over for a yummy glass.

So you have to buy a book for a TEENAGER and you don’t know where to start:

There was a lot of great young adult fiction this year, but a sure fire way to please a teenager is to hand them a copy of Meg Rosoff’s “There is No Dog“.

Envision for one moment that God, the maker of all things is a 19 year teenage boy named Bob. At 19 years old, Bob is interested in all things girls. The problem that lies within this structure is the fact that all the time he spends on girls, takes away his concentration about the world crisis’ that continue to spiral out of control. Watching “Bob”/God try to “fix” things makes for a fabulous read!

Want to get your PET LOVING friends something that will either make them laugh or give them inspiration:

Let’s hope  that Mike Bender & Doug Chernack’s, “Awkward Family Pet Photosdoesn’t inspire a bizarre photo shoot!

I’m positive this is the kind of book that will end up on your animal loving friends coffee table for all to see… it’s that funny. You’ll see black and white stills featuring an owner and a dog, babies and dogs sharing food bowls and my personal favorite the man that brought his cat to meet the Easter bunny!

Whether you pick up one of the books listed above or you pick up another great book, sharing the power of words is always a gift!

~Happy Reading


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