Review: Falling Backwards – Jann Arden

It’s the fall of great, funny and witty memoirs. First Michael Buble, then Mindy Kaling and now… Jann Arden. I would describe Jann Arden’s music as deep, soulful with a touch of pop. The thing you might not pick up on in Jann’s music is her humor. If you’ve seen any interviews with her, you’re bound to laugh out loud (please see book trailer interviews listed below). Her memoir, “Falling Backwards” is just like her music, deep, meaningful, but infused with Jann’s humor on each and every single page.

Born and raised in Alberta, she starts her memoir from her early years where she idolizes her teachers, has two rowdy cousins and is mystified as to why her childhood friends family would leave her in charge of their cows while they went on vacation. Her story is chronicled by age and her perspective on her childhood isn’t always a cheery one. She discusses in great detail her Father’s struggle with alcohol and how it affected her Mother and their whole family. She also delves into her Brother’s struggles with the law.

When her Mother decided to learn how to play the guitar, Jann taught herself how to play in the basement of her parents home. She revealed her talent at her graduation to an astonished group of friends and family. Their reactions made Jann realize that she’s talented and so she decides to try her hand at a music career. However, it didn’t happen easily, she discusses her bouts with different bands and the twists and turns she had to take to get to where she is today.

You could sense on each page that some words were harder to write than others. What made this memoir so great was the fact that it was raw and real and her commitment to sharing her life story is felt in each and every written word. There is nothing left unturned and upon opening this book, you will feel as if you’re having coffee with a new friend on each and every page.

As promised, here are the comical videos affiliated with Jann’s memoir, “Falling Backwards”. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Review: Falling Backwards – Jann Arden

  1. amymckie says:

    I wouldn’t have picked up this book on my own but she was at Read for the Cure which I went to, of course, to see Ami McKay 😀 I’m now so excited to read this as well – I was close to tears I laughed so hard during Jann’s talk.

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