Review: Onstage Offstage – Michael Buble

Let me set the stage for you… A couple of weeks ago, I get an email at work saying that Michael Buble is doing an event with Toronto’s CHFI regulars Erin and Mike promoting his new book, “Onstage, Offstage” and talking about his new Christmas album coming out in the next month or so. Imagine my surprise when I get invited to this event.

***It’s important to note that I am the worlds biggest Michael Buble fan. Seriously. Ask my friends and family, it’s a tad ridiculous. I waited for 4 hours to meet him at the Eaton centre and even though I wasn’t supposed to, I got this photo…

So it wasn’t a surprise that when I heard Random House of Canada was doing a Michael Buble book, I was beyond thrilled. It’s a gorgeous book filled wih Michael’s experience in his everyday life and his life on the road. There’s a good portion in the beginning which Michael’s written and it gives you great insight into the kind of funny and genuine guy that he is! Then you hit the picture part of the book that’s filled with gorgeous color and black and white photos. It’s the kind of book you put out on display when your friends come to visit and I know it’s going to become a permanent fixture on my coffee table.

At the event where he promoted “Onstage Offstage” he was charming, elegant and handsome. I could use many many more adjectives, but I think you get the gist of how excited I was/am. RHC’s lovely publicist was able to hook a few of us up with the opportunity to MEET Michael backstage and I pulled it together to shake his hand (which I really didn’t want to wash, but had to for hygienic reasons). It was so awesome and I was able to get my CD jacket personally signed and someone took a group picture of all of us too (which I’ve yet to obtain, but it’ll happen)!

If you’re unsure of what to get your friends and family, you will bring a definite smile to their face if you buy them a copy of “Onstage Offstage”

Here are some shots from that oh so memorable day… ENJOY!

3 thoughts on “Review: Onstage Offstage – Michael Buble

  1. Linda Gold Levy says:

    I was aty the book signing of Micahel Buble on 14th Oct at Waterstones in London UK got many pitures got to hold his hands but could not get a picture of me with the man himself . altough a grand experience am very dissapointed that never got that pic I have met Michael 2 times before but have never managed a pic of me & him together. One day I hope, that is my burning ambition, I wno’t give up yet!!!

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