Read-A-Thon Preparation

Last year I participated in the Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon and it was a very productive way to chip away at my never ending list of books to read.

That’s why I’m taking the plunge again tomorrow morning at 8:00amEST.

I’m excited to participate again, but I’ve had an internal dialogue playing in my head for the last week. It sounds like this:


Will I actually be able to stay up 24 hours?
The answer is no. As much as I’d love to make this happen, I already know that my brunch plans for Sunday would result in a cranky Reeder if I don’t get at least 5+ hours of sleep.

Can I stick to a healthy eating plan while reading for 15+ hours?
This answer is a definite no. I actually spent my lunch break stocking up on chocolate, pop, almonds and swedish berries (that’s fruit-ish right? Right?)

What books will I read?
As I mentioned, the pile is endless… However, I think I’ve landed on reading these 3 books:

I’ll be updating throughout the day and I’m sure I’ll be tweeting up a storm, so stop by, say hello and happy reading to everyone!

If you’re interested in participating in all the fun, you can sign up here

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