Review: Cold Hard Truth – Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary is known to the Canadian/US public as the Simon Cowell of business. He gives it to people straight,fast and to the point. If he didn’t have that “to the point” mindset, he would never have been as successful as he’s become. His novel, “Cold Hard Truth” is a non fiction account of how O’Leary made it the top, but it’s also intertwined with a strong appreciation for family, hard work and perseverance.

Kevin was born in Quebec to a Father who was a mighty good sales man and a Mother who inherited her parents business and learned the ropes at a young age. With role models like that how could you not be destined for success? Early on he realized the value of money and how to  manage it and make it grow successfully. He credits both his Mother and Father on making sure he and his brother were installed with business savvy morals. O’Leary also credits his step-father for challenging him on his job aspirations. Instead of just accepting that O’Leary hoped to one day be a photographer, George sat him down and asked him, “What do you want to do with your life?” This is the moment that George become one of O’Leary’s key advisors in life (and business), because he explained that you need to plan what your “willing to do in  order to be what you want to be”.

Fueled with a new sense of direction, O’Leary strived for greatness in all that he set out to do, even in the game of shuffleboard. With determination  and hard work he created his software company in the basement of his home. He worked long hours and from there he expanded his business by choosing great teams to work with in the business world. A core theme throughout the novel is choosing effective and smart partners in business decisions.

His lessons in the book are plenty and I often found myself underlining important things to remember and how to make an impact in the business world. This book has a little something for everyone (even Justin Bieber fans) and I highly recommend it to each and every one of you.

There’s a great book trailer in correlation with the book:


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