Word on the Street Recap!

When Word on the Street comes to town, I always sense that the Fall season has officially begun. This past Sunday, publishers, bookstores and book lovers united in Queens Park on a beautiful sunny autumn afternoon.

Not only does Word on the Street bring together book lovers in Toronto, but it’s a festival that is celebrated across Canada in these beautiful cities; Vancouver, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Kitchener and Halifax. It makes my heart smile that everyone across the country is united in celebrating the written word. This past weekend, I worked with some of my colleagues at the Random House of Canada booth where the energy was high and the people we met were all enthusiastic to read our recommended choices.

One of the reasons why I love working behind the booth at RHC is because each year we like to choose a collection of books that we love. Some of these books are your typical mainstream/awarded titles and others are books at our booth are titles that may not be as popular, but deserve just as much recognition for their brilliant prose and their ability to make us laugh, cry, smile, etc… I always leave our booth with a long list of new books I want to check out after hearing my colleagues talk so passionately about a book they loved.

The other part of Word on the Street that makes it so much fun is getting to meet many of you, it’s so cool to be a part of a blogging/tweeting world and meeting those people you write to on a daily basis in 140 characters. So to my new WOTS friends, I say a friendly hello and I hope that you enjoy the books I rammed in your hand to read, specifically “The Sense of an Ending” by Julian Barnes! 😉

I hope all of you had a great day celebrating the written word in your city with your family and friends. Share your thoughts below on what’s your favorite part of Word on the Street!


5 thoughts on “Word on the Street Recap!

  1. Buried In Print says:

    My favourite part changes from year to year; this year I seemed to be all-about-listening and less-about-shopping; I really enjoyed a variety of readings/interviews/panels. (Likely because I misbehaved so badly when I was at a college booksale a couple of days prior, but not to worry, in no time at all, I’ll be back to buying more books than I could ever read in a lifetime.) Pleased to see you had fun, too!

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