Review: You Could Believe in Nothing – Jamie Fitzpatrick

Jamie Fitzpatrick’s “You Could Believe in Nothing” is the story of hockey, friendship and family set in beautiful St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The protagonist, Derek, is a forty-one year old man whose girlfriend, Nicole just left him to move to Ottawa for a new career. He spends his free time playing recreational hockey with his buddies and if he’s not playing hockey, he’s watching hockey on television. Another important element to Derek’s life is his family, the family that he just can’t seem to figure out. His Father is the local radio DJ and is headed to court because of a messy allegation. His court date brings together the whole family (his step brother included), which causes Derek to reflect upon his upbringing. “You Could Believe in Nothing” really focuses on Derek trying to piece together who his parents actually are, which in turn, causes him to have to reflect on the person he’s become over the years.

In the mix of all of this is a man by the name of Allan, who is an anchor for the local television station. Allan is working on putting together a piece on their rec hockey team. Allan’s mission is to get to the core root about what makes these men “Newfoundland”, he wants to know about their love of hockey and their commitment to these friendships they’ve created.

All these things combined make up a lovely and genuine coming of age story about a man who’s still on a mission to find himself at the age of forty-one. What makes this story so unique and original is the fact that Jamie Fitzpatrick also weaves Newfoundland/Canadian culture into the novel. Often times, he throws you right into a thick foggy morning on Mullock Street, you’ll even be able to sense the brisk air in the arena as Derek and his friends tie up their skate laces. Without having to buy a ticket to Newfoundland, I felt like I had been there for a visit on every page of this wonderful novel.

***My thanks to Nimbus Publishing for sending me a copy of”You Could Believe in Nothing”***


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