Goodwill Bookstore in London Ontario makes me smile!

This weekend I went to visit my Aunt, Uncle and cousins in London Ontario. I left on Friday afternoon from the hustle and bustle in big city Toronto to the relaxing and beautiful town of London, Ontario. It isn’t a surprise to my family that I’m a book lover, so my Aunt thought it would be fun to take me to the Goodwill Bookstore to check out the great book selection, all for under $5.00

Rolling up to the bookstore, I sensed it was different from the other Goodwill/Salvation Army bins I normally dig out of, it looked really welcoming on the outside and I soon realized that the bookstore itself had a separate wing of the store, with its own hours and its own doors. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap a picture, but I was able to obtain one from the internet (I heart you Google for making my life so easy).

This image was obtained from this website

Quickly upon entering, I knew my credit card and I were in trouble. It was filled with categorized selections of books and they weren’t the “typical” books you find in used stores, you know the ones I’m talking about… Fabio is either on the cover or it’s a beat up Nicholas Sparks novel. There was four bookshelves filled with popular fiction, books that still have yet to make it to the reduced shelves at Chapters/Indigo, all for approximately $4.00. The other categories ranged from history, mystery, literature to a beautiful selection of books recommended for teachers. That’s just naming a few, the categories were endless and so well-organized that one could be in this store for hours upon hours.

They other lovely aspect to the store is that fact that they had chairs set up around the store so people could browse their selections prior to purchasing. I can honestly say I haven’t seen such an innovative way to provide literature to a community in quite some time and its evident that everyone in the community is helping to give back by donating copious amounts of literature.

There is also a great article here that is definitely worth checking out to read more about Mary Beechie who manages the store. I obtained this picture from that referenced article:

You’ll understand my excitement about this little piece of paradise when you see what I picked up from the Goodwill Bookstore for a whooping $20.97

Can you say SCORE!? I’m still giddy with excitement, especially after discovering that Brian Francis’ “Fruit” is a signed copy! For more information on this store, you can follow them on Twitter @goodwillbooksto

*I’m also inserting a plug for my Aunts fabulous website, Work Story ; this is a place where you’ll find video after video of people, just like you explaining how they got their start in their careers. You might even find of video of yours truly on the website! If you’d like to share your Work Story, you can find the details here on how to join the fun! 


4 thoughts on “Goodwill Bookstore in London Ontario makes me smile!

  1. amymckie says:

    Ummmm can I go with you next time you visit? You just have to drop me at the store and pick me up when you leave, I don’t require much 😉 lol Sounds fantastic!

  2. Heather M. says:

    It really is a great place! There is even a floor upstairs that has been made available to the community to be used for a tonne of different community building events. A great addition to the neighbourhood!

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