Have a Hand in Saving the Toronto Public Library

I’ve been a fan of the library since the ripe age of 5, when I can vividly remember my parents walking both my brother and I to participate in story time and choose a pile of books to lug home and read over and over again until I had to hand them back 3 weeks later.

Upon moving to Toronto a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by how accessible and convenient it was to use the Toronto Public Library. I visit my library once every couple of weeks to pick up the books that they always politely call me about (the voice activated lady is one of my most frequent callers). That’s why I find it so disturbing that our mayor, (*insert rolling eyes here) Rob Ford and his brother Doug Ford are working on adjusting the cost cutting agenda, which will directly affect our libraries! The end result may cause libraries to close or library operations could potentially become privatized.

If you have a few spare minutes, I urge you to sign the petition here and have a hand in saving the Toronto Public Library!

*Thanks to one of my lovely visitors Dunstan Morey for providing the following information:

Even more effective than an online petition is to write a quick, polite email in your own words to Mayor Ford, the executive committee, and your councillor. Their email addresses can be found here:


4 thoughts on “Have a Hand in Saving the Toronto Public Library

  1. Carol Sherman says:

    Thank you for this. I wanted to express my outrage at what Ford was up to but could find nothing at the TPL’s website. Between you and me it could use some help. In any case, when I googled save toronto public library your blog was the first I found with the link to the petition. Thank you again.


  2. amymckie says:

    *sobs* WHY MUST ROB FORD CONTINUALLY AND ACTIVELY WORK AGAINST ME?!?! Or at least, if he knew I existed / acknowledged my existence I might think he was actively ruining my life. Instead he’s just thinking people don’t use bike lanes. Or libraries. Or etc etc etc. This library thing makes me so angry. Also the automated response email from him… yeah that made me LIVID!

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