Review – Guide to the National Parks of Canada – National Geographic

Today on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it is a hot and sticky day in Ontario. With the humidex, the weather network shows that Toronto feels like 39 degrees celcius… in other words, it’s HOT! Which is why I think it’s a good day to share a book that recently came out that would beneficial on days like today, the National Geographic’s “Guide to the National Parks of Canada“.

This book is a go to reference guide for the 42 scenic parks across Canada. It’s seperated into different regions of the country and details the things you should really check out when you visit their park. You’ll be informed about all the little details that you’d normally find out at the information booth, basically, it’s like having a tour guide with you while you visit each park. It also breaks it down for all the hiking and biking fans, providing the best trails you should travel down.

It’s a beautiful book that should definately be included in your suitcase when you’re going away for the weekend or traveling within Canada on a holiday vacation.

A couple of weeks ago, they had the book launch for this beautiful book in Baddeck, Nova Scotia and my Mom and Dad were both in attendance. They were kind enough to hook me up with a signed copy of this book. It’s signed by the hon. Michael MacDonald who is the senator for Cape Breton, NS. It’s also signed by Gilbert Grosvenor who’s the great grandson of Alexander Graham Bell (and the former President of National Geographic)

If you’re a big fan of the outdoors, then you will LOVE this book!


2 thoughts on “Review – Guide to the National Parks of Canada – National Geographic

  1. Janet Joy says:

    During the heat wave in Toronto this week, we should all head out to a national park and take refuge under a canopy of trees.

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