Fall Anticipation: Ami McKay’s “The Virgin Cure”

It may appear that I haven’t been reading, but you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been reading up a storm, but they’re all advance reading copies so I don’t want to spoil the excitement leading up to their fall release schedule. In the mean time I didn’t want to neglect my lovely readers who always leave such sweet comments and always make me smile, so I’ve decided to share my excitement about one fall title that I’ve been waiting for with bated breath for quite some time.

Read the book description here!

I’m talking about Ami McKay’s “The Virgin Cure”. I think that the amount of talent that comes out of Ami’s pen (or keyboard) is endless and I think her first book “The Birth House” should be a staple on every bookshelf!

The cover and description of “The Virgin Cure” was just recently released and I’m so excited! I don’t want to wish away my summer, because I am enjoying this lovely Toronto weather, but HURRY UP October 25th!!!

Ami McKay just recently updated her website where she blogs regularly, be sure to check it out as well! 🙂


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