Book Love Sunday

Father’s Day is one week away and instead of giving your Dad a tie and a box of rosebud chocolates (in my case) why not choose a great book that will make him laugh, cook or provide a couple new insider tips on how to teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve been very fortunate in my life to be blessed with a Father who is nothing short of one of the kindest people I know. He makes me laugh, smile and inspires me on a daily basis. I love you D.O.D, thank you for everything you do and always pushing me to work, play and laugh a little harder each day!

Now onto the list of books that will make great Father’s Day gifts of June 19th. Please note that this list was compiled with the assistance of my lovely colleague and friend Rachelle (who  is celebrating a birthday today!!!).

1.   Canadian Living: The Barbecue Collection –> Dad’s are notorious for manning the barbecue when the sun starts to shine and what better way to inspire them, then by picking up the Canadian Living: Barbecue Collection cookbook. Filled with countless recipes, my favorite being the ‘Barbecue Beer Ribs’, this collection will not only make him happy but you happy as well, because you’ll get to participate in eating all these yummy dinners! 

2.   Meat – James Peterson –> If you’re Dad is really into cooking, then this is the book for him! The subtitle of this cookbook is ‘Meat: A Kitchen Eduction’ and James Peterson breaks down in detail how to cook meat properly, the right type of knives (and other tools needed) and what kind of spices and rubs work best to create a fabulous dinner!

3.   Stuff Every Man Should Know – Brett Cohen –> Over the years growing up with a Dad and a brother, I’ve always been baffled by how much their minds seem to retain when it comes to fixing something. How do they know how to unclog a pipe or install a toilet, I know personally, I’d be staring at it for 2 hours. Maybe they keep this book in their pocket for useful tips and I’ve been unaware about it all these years. Needless to say, this book gives instructions about all things male; how to give a good massage, how to cast a fishing rod, it even shares how to bet effectively at a horse race. For only $10.95, this is a sure bet to make him smile!

4.   The Intelligent Golfer – Scott Martin and Bryan Curtis –> My knowledge of golf is about the size of a golf ball. The only thing I know for sure is that you’re supposed to yell fore if you need to alert a fellow player that a ball’s been hit and you should run the other way if a man named Tiger approaches you. However, I do know that this book is a great tool to have if you’re a golfer on any level. It helps teach beginners to more advanced participants how to enjoy and play an intelligent game.

5.   The Orvis Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing – Tom Rosenbauer –> When it comes to fly fishing, Tom Rosenbauer is the man who has all the answers. He’s worked with Orvis for years and created his most recent book to give a detailed guide on where you can find the best streams and avoid overcrowed rivers. Rivers and streams have distinct differences and this beautifully illustrated book will teach the reader/fly-fisher how to differentiate between fish, water and environment. If your Dad is a fan of fly fishing, then he will throughly enjoy Tom Rosenbauer’s newest book.

6.   Don Cherry’s Hockey Stories, Part 2 – Don Cherry –> We Canadians are accustomed to the bright and outlandish suits and personality of Don Cherry. We’ve also been seeing a lot of him during the Stanley Cup finals between Boston and Vancouver. His knowledge and experience when it comes to hockey is extensive and the life lessons he’s learned along the way are equally as interesting; both hockey and life are enclosed in Don Cherry’s part 2 story collection.

7.   1001 Beers You Must Taste Before you Die – Adrian Tierney Jones –> This post is turning into the most clichéd list of man books and Canadian books ever, but how could I not include a book full of beer. It looks so fancy on the cover, with a serving tray, when in reality, it’s usually lugged around on top of shoulders and slid across a bar table. However you purchase this delightful beverage, there is a variety of ways it can be served and if anyone were to create a list of brands, I believe the 1001 book people can do it! They always choose an eclectic group of pairings and I’m sure they’ll hit it out of the ballpark again with this collection as well!

8.   The Wine Atlas of Canada – Tony Aspler –> Maybe your Dad is more of a wine drinker, as opposed to a beer drinker. If that’s the case, you might want to think about picking him up a copy of “The Wine Atlas of Canada”. This gorgeous hardcover gives you a guide to all the vineyards across our beautiful county and introduces you to the country’s best tasting wine. It’s sure to be a staple on his bookshelf for years to come.

9.   Moolala – Bruce Sellery –>When it comes to money, Bruce Sellery has seen it all and most of what he sees is smart, intelligent people doing silly things with their money. He’s written this great how to book about how to plan ahead and be financially stable long term.

10.   How to Do Everything – Red Green –> The ever popular Red Green is a sure bet in getting your Dad to smile. His do it yourself capabilities are displayed on each and every page and it’s packed with laughs! If there’s anything we’ve learned from Red Green over the years, it’s that one must always have a roll of duct tape handy, just be sure to avoid taping up this book, because it’s filled with “handy” tips  😉


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