Book Love Sunday

Seeing as how it’s a long weekend, I thought it might be fun to feature some movies in this weeks edition of ‘Book Love Sunday’, just in case you didn’t have long weekend plans and wanted to lounge around your home with a couple of books and book related movies. The thing is, I got stuck after five choices and had to take to Twitter for some assistance. My thanks to the following for suggesting some great movie selections: @clearcutediting, @WorkStory, @HSWLC, @kingvonelk, @graceelena and @jacqua83

Instead of posting pictures of the movie poster, I thought it would be fun if I shared the movie trailer for all your viewing pleasure.

1. You’ve Got Mail

2. Post Grad

3. Notting Hill

4. The Holiday (this one’s kind of a stretch, but Jude Law’s character (and parents) work for Random House

5. Elf

6. Wonder Boys

7. 84 Charing Cross Road

8. Strangter than Fiction

9. The Jane Austen Book Club

10. The King’s Speech

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