Book Love Sunday

In one week from today it’ll be Mother’s Day and if you’re like me, you have a fabulous Mother that loves and supports you every single day. What better way to show your love then to buy her a book to show her how much you appreciate her and her kindness. I grew up with a Mom who loved to read, who encouraged me to read great literature and pushed me to follow my goal of being in the book business, so because I have a platform in the form of a blog, I wanted to send her an early Mother’s Day message… I want to say thank you for being the best Mom a girl could ever have – I really do have the best days with you (you’ll understand this line when you receive your card) 🙂

Here are the following books that I think your Mom might enjoy on her special day, which is one week from today on May 8th!

1.    Yo Momma So Extraordinary – Zachary Reese & Ethan Mccreadie –> We’ve all heard them (we’ve maybe even used some of them) – the horrible ‘yo momma’ jokes people say to one another. Zachary Reese and Ethan Mccreadie have decided to flip those horrible jokes on their head and create a book full of compliments for their momma’s. With hilarious pictures and compliments such as, “Yo momma has so many cats, it’s like DAAAAAAMN! Which one should I pet first?” you’ll definitely make her smile and compliment her at the same time! Win-win!

2.    Mother’s Best: Comfort Food that takes you Home Again – Lisa Schroeder with Danielle Centoni –> What I wouldn’t give for my Mom’s turkey and dressing right about now!? When you live away from home, you miss the comfort of home cooking (a lot)! Enter List Shroeder’s cookbook, “Mother’s Best” – she’s compiled a collection of recipes that will make you feel like you’re sharing a Sunday night meal with the whole family.

3.     The Departure Lounge – Meg Federico –> Meg Federico shares her experience with her 80-year-old Mother’s oncoming Alzheimer’s disease. Of course it discusses the trials and tribulations of a disease that seems to effect family members more than the actual individual with the disease, she manages to shed humor onto the situation at hand. Definitely one to read if you’ve experienced a parent or grandparent with this disease.

4.      The Friendship Bread – Darien Gee –> I recently reviewed this book and I loved it. It was filled with women discovering who they are through the use of baking. The women in this story are lost and looking for some kind of direction; after they form a group that meets regularly, the story begins to develop. It’s a fun and uplifting story and I guarantee you that you and your Mom will enjoy this one.

5.  A New Leaf – Merilyn Simonds –> If your Mother is a gardener, then this book is for you. Merilyn Simonds new book, “A New Leaf: Growing with my Garden” is a novel described in great detail about how to look after your garden and tips and tricks about how to get an outstanding green thumb.

6.  Room – Emma Donoghue –> I’ve never read a book like emma Donohue’s “Room” before, it was gripping and a shocking story about a Mother and son. The story is told from the perspective of 5-year-old Jack who lives in a small room and has never seen the outside before. He’s unaware that at age 17 he Mother was kidnapped by the man who comes in every couple of nights and visits his Mother. It’s chilling and will be a novel that will become a permanent fixture on your bookshelf. If your Mother is up for a bit of a thriller and a little suspense, then she’ll definitely enjoy this story.

7.  Mini Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella  –> Who doesn’t enjoy a good Shopaholic novel? Becky Brandon is now married to Luke and they have a little girl named Minnie. Minnie clearly takes over her Mother’s old habits, because everything she sees in the store she wants and screams until she gets it! Mother’s are sure to enjoy this chick lit novel and it’s the newest installment in the Shopaholic series.

8.  Please look after Mom – Kyung -Sook Shin –> I have yet to read this book, but I’ve been hearing really great things about it. This is the story of a family on a search to find their Mother after she vanishes in a subway station in Seoul. The adjectives I’ve read about this book is that it’s “gripping”, “powerful” and “unforgettable”. Be sure to pick a copy for yourself and your Mother.

9.  I Think I Love You – Allison Pearson –> I had to include this one, because my Mother recommended it to me and because any Mom that grew up in the 70’s will love this book. Reason being, because this story is about a girl in high school who’s obsessed with David Cassidy, now Petra is all grown up and gets the rare opportunity to meet David Cassidy. It’s a funny and sweet story that is all about first love and star appeal.

10.   Bossypants – Tina Fey–> She’s funny, she’s a producer and on top of all that she’s a Mom. A collection of personal essays that are filled with how she made it to the top and how she handles it all. Your Mom will be laughing out loud after reading Tina Fey’s hilarious memoir!

Feel free to share any other books that you think you Mom’s would enjoy receiving on their special day!!!


7 thoughts on “Book Love Sunday

  1. amymckie says:

    My mom reads an eclectic mix of detective / crime fiction, interesting non-fiction (of course it probably comes as no surprise that my parents both read it which led to my love for the most random non-fiction!), and all of the books that I push on her. I love to recommend new books on her and she seems to like them all 🙂

  2. Julie @ Read Handed says:

    Yay for moms! My mom was such a huge part of me becoming a lifelong lover of reading. We would always share a story before bed and then go around and share our “favorite thing” of the day. We soon learned that one favorite thing was not enough, so we each got to name three. Thanks for sharing these mom-appropriate titles!

  3. Lisa Almeda Sumner says:

    My Mom took us to the library every week, and she still is a constant reader. I love her for always passing books on to me when she finishes them! Thanks for sharing the cute photo of you and your Mom.

  4. Jenna (Literature and a Lens) says:

    Love the picture of you two! Moms are so wonderful and encouraging. I know I wouldn’t be the avid reader I am today without mine. She was always taking me to the library and bookstores, and encouraging me to participate in all the reading events/programs at school.

    Thanks for the great book selections too. Very eclectic… something for every mom!

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