Review: Bossypants – Tina Fey

I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t think Tina Fey is super cool. She’s laugh out loud funny on 30 Rock every week and her skits on SNL (especially as Sarah Palin) are outstanding. On top of all that, she was the first head writer at Saturday Night Live, she writes and is an executive producer for 30 Rock and she’s married with one daughter (and pregnant with a second child). If that isn’t enough, she has recently written the hilarious memoir, “Bossypants“.

I find most memoirs take you back to before the author was born, how their parents met, what it was like growing up as a child. Fey sticks to some traditional aspects of a memoirs, but has chosen to share the funny moments that have helped to shape the person she’s is today. It’s easy to depict that she regards her parents with the utmost respect, especially her Father, Don Fey, who managed to intimidate both Alec Baldwin and Lorne Michaels when meeting them for the first time. She got her start in showbiz when she took place in a summer theatre production in her home town called “Summer Showtime”. It was there where Fey developed her craft and got turned down by many a boy because they were either gay or interested in someone else. She shares a story where a boy that she has a crush on asks her to climb a mountain with her at night and like any young girl in lust, she agrees. When they finally reach the top of the mountain, the boy, HRH, reveals that he is interested in a girl named Gretchen who was so charming because she could only consume half a stick of Trident gum because it was too big for her. Poor Tina.

This is just one of the funny stories that you’ll read in “Bossypants”, she shares stories about her experiences at NBC’s Saturday Night Live as head writer and actress, she discuss her experience in obtaining Alec Baldwin to play Jack Donaghy and lets the reader in on her one on one time with Sarah Palin. Every story, really, every word is written with a humorous element and it’s clear to see why she’s done so well in show business.

One of the nicest elements of the book is the fact that it has a little something for everyone. As a 27 year old, I was inspired by her can-do and hard working attitude. However, she can also be viewed as a Mom and a Wife that’s able to juggle it all. *Please note that this is the one question she hates to be asked: “How do you juggle it all?” However, what she may fail to realize is that as an outsider it’s quite impressive to watch one woman have such an extensive resume and still have a successful marriage and be present to read books to her child at bedtime.

Her love for her family is evident in the pages when she describes both her husband and daughter in great detail. To describe her feelings for her first born, she explains, “I have one top notch baby with whom I am in love. It’s a head-over-heels “first love” kind of thing, because I pay for everything and all we do is hold hands”.

I’m a little bias, because I believe that everything Tina Fey touches turns into gold, this book being no exception. It’s getting great reviews for very obvious reasons and if you haven’t already picked it up or aren’t on a library hold for it, I have three words for you… what the what!?


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