Happy Birthday Blog! :)

It’s been one whole year since I started this blog… ONE YEAR – I can’t believe it! I even marked this date on my calendar to make it official and I might just invest in purchasing a cupcake (like the one above) to commemorate the day! I’ll never forget sitting at Second Cup with my computer writing my first post. I remember wanting to go home that afternoon and finish Nicolas Dickner’s “Nikolski” so I could share with the world my first book review.

It’s been a world wind since then filled with copious amount of fabulous literature, meeting and making friends with online book bloggers, Canada Reads, read-a-thons and book organizing. It’s such satisfaction to know that anytime I want a reminder about any book in the last year, the information is obtainable with a couple of clicks.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the stats I’ve obtained over the last year:

The Busiest Day: January 4, 2011 which was the day after I won a Kindle and shared the news with Facebook

Top Search Terms used to direct someone to my webpage:

1. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (which ironically is the only book I’ve ever really given a poor review)
2. The Phantom Tollbooth
3. Kat Von D (Kat Von D has brought in A LOT of traffic, people love that woman… including me!!!)

Number of Posts in One Year: 134

Thank you to all of you for the wonderful comments and the visits to this little place I like to call home!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog! :)

  1. Steph says:

    Happy anniversary, Reeder!! I hope you continue to blog for a long time. Your cheery voice and enthusiasm always make me happy. I do hope we get to meet sometime in person.

    Hope you went and treated yourself to a cupcake!

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