Review – One Bird’s Choice – Iain Reid

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book where I’ve laughed out loud, like slap your knee, cover your mouth, laugh out loud. After the first few pages of Iain Reid’s “winning” novel, “One Bird’s Choice“, I knew I was going to throughly enjoy this memoir. This is the story of Iain Reid, a Queen’s University graduate who makes the decision to temporarily move back in with his parents at 27 years old. Originally, after graduating, Iain moved to the big city of Toronto, but when an opportunity to discuss books on CBC arose in Ottawa, he made the decision to move home to Lilac Hill (his parents farm), which was about an hour outside of the capital of Canada. The temporary stay turns into a year and Iain Reid takes us into the world of moving back in with your parents after already experiencing independence.

Lilac Hill is a farm that his parents run by themselves and it’s filled with animals that have as much personality as Iain’s lovable and charming parents. His parents are the source of all that’s funny in this book and their quirky and lovable ways are what made me relate so much to this story. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve graduated, moved home for a year (at 22) and then this little bird spread her wings all the way up to Toronto. Iain’s and his parents reminded me so much of my parents every time I go home and visit for a couple of weeks and I think it’s why I enjoy his memoir so much. His Mother and Father are so sweet and they seem to have an uncanning ability to be hilarious without even trying to be remotely funny.

Take for instance, the time Iain was in the bathroom brushing his teeth and his parents knock on the door to have a discussion with him about the toilet handle. Since he’s now living in the home on a permanent basis, his parents try to teach him the proper way to jiggle the handle so that the toilet doesn’t run all night. Seems like a simple conversation, but somehow it turns into a full on discussion between his Mom and his Dad about how to do it correctly. It’s this kind of witty banter throughout the novel, that makes Iain Reid’s first novel such a delight to read. It’s filled with a charismatic, funny and realistic depiction of a family that loves one another very much and a late 20’s search to find his place in the world (with a little help from him folks). 

I think Iain Reid is quite talented and I look forward to his future books; in the meanwhile, you can check out this article he wrote in the National Post about how life has “changed” now that he’s got a book in print.

*On a completely different note* I’m going to be on vacation in sunny Orlando Florida for March Break, so I might not be around these parts for the next week. I might get the incredible urge to come poke around a little, but I’m not making any promises!

One thought on “Review – One Bird’s Choice – Iain Reid

  1. Steph says:

    It is a great book, isn’t it? I thoroughly enjoyed it, and everyone who’s read it always says the same thing, which is testament to Iain’s ability to make his idyllic setting and his population in the book, including himself, come to life.

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