Review: I Think I Love You – Allison Pearson

Every once in a while, you need a little “brain candy” as Lorne Cardinal said on CBC the other day. Well my friends, Allison Pearson’s new book “I Think I Love You” is my “brain candy”. I don’t think I would have picked up this book if it wasn’t for the fact that my Mom called one day and said this book was fabulous and I need to read it! Imagine my surprise when opening the first page to find out that this is a book about David Cassidy. Fun fact: My Mom was a huge fan of Mr. Cassidy, he was her teen idol. Lucky for my Brother and I she found my Dad before she and David Cassidy found one another, or else my little Brother and I might not have been 😉

The novel, “I Think I Love You” is the story of Petra and Sharon who are teenagers and have found first love, with David Cassidy. They idolize him as most teenagers do when it comes to young boys with a unique hairstyle. Hours are spent reading magazines about him, singing his songs, kissing the posters on Sharon’s bedroom walls. Petra is one of the narrators of this story and she lives in a very strict household ruled by her Mother. Her Mother doesn’t see the significance of dressing in the color of your biggest crush, but Petra doesn’t care, she’ll go to any means to be with Cassidy.

The other narrator of the story is Bill, who works for the David Cassidy fan magazine. Bill, a young man in his 20’s gets his big break in publishing writing letters back to girls in the voice of David Cassidy. He’s embarrassed of his ghost writing gig, but it pays the bills so he swallows his pride and tries to get into the mind of David Cassidy by reading, not listening to his lyrics. His boss comes to him with an assignment to create the ultimate David Cassidy contest to date, which will result in two girls getting to meet David.  Bill takes the assignment very seriously and sets out to make these young girls work hard for their man.

As Petra and Sharon set out to solve the ultimate quiz, tensions arise among their group of friends. However, they set their feelings aside when they all travel to White City to see Cassidy perform in London, unbeknownst to Petra’s Mother. When havoc ensues and a girl ultimately loses her life, their concert experience is ruined and all their parents are furious, especially Petra’s Mom. The story then jumps to the future, a now 37-year-old Petra is in the middle of a failing marriage with a young daughter. She has filed her first love away in her childhood memories, however things take a crazy turn when she finds a letter her Mother had hidden revealing that both she and Sharon won the contest to meet David Cassidy. Never receiving her prize, she calls the number on the bottom of the letter and her life changes forever.

This is a story full of first love and second chances. As I was reading it, I kept flashing back to my first crush, which progressed as I got older; starting from Jordan Knight to Nick Carter to Justin Timberlake. To be honest, the love for Justin Timberlake never went away, I still swoon every time I hear or see that man. Crushes and obsessing about a figure we will never likely meet is what we young girls do and I could completely relate to all the feeling Petra was feeling throughout the novel.

Thanks to my Mom for recommending this sweet and fun story. This one’s for you 😉


9 thoughts on “Review: I Think I Love You – Allison Pearson

  1. Teacher/Learner says:

    That’s funny…I had the exact same 3 musician crushes you did! I also loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas (*squee*). I love books that you can relax and enjoy simply for its pleasure without having to think too hard. Sounds like a great “brain break” book 🙂

  2. Ash says:

    I just got this book and it looks super fun! I loled at your Justin Timberlake reference. I was always a fan of Lance Bass, who turned out to be gay. Story of my life.

  3. Julie says:

    I just read this book and blogged about it on my site I also read Pearson’s fist novel, and I have to warn any who are looking to this one with equal enthusiasm that it is very different. I loved that I Don’t Know How She Does It had a fantastic, consistent, and unique voice. We were in Kate’s head the entire way. I Think I Love You isn’t like that. It really has four distinct voices: young Petra, young Bill, older Petra, and older Bill. The teenage girl parts are just a bit too cliche for my liking, but I did enjoy the book overall, especially when we broke out of 1974 and zoomed to 1998.

    Julie @ Read Handed

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