Review: The Tattoo Chronicles – Kat Von D

I can’t really explain the reason why I have a not so secret obsession with Kat Von D, it’s not because I have any tattoos, because I don’t (needles scare me). I think it has to do with her personality and how she seems like pretty much the coolest chick ever. Lately, in the media she’s caught a lot of heat for falling for and getting engaged to Sandra’s charmer of an ex, Jesse James, but all things considered if she calls it love who are we to judge? ANYWAY… When I heard that she wrote another book, properly titled, “The Tattoo Chronicles”, I was super amped to get my hands on a copy.

 This book has a different feel then her first book, “High Voltage Tattoo”; it was a seemingly better portrait of who Kat Von D really is and what she takes from each session on tattooing. She documents in a journal (and then shares with us) each experience after she finishes tattooing someone to remember their story, to somehow relate to what they may have experienced and most importantly to remind her why she loves tattooing so much. Documenting each experience she has with someone is a great way to self reflect and to keep you grounded, it’s kind of why I enjoy blogging so much.

 She’s keenly aware of her feelings and she seems to really understand the way she works and operates best. We also read many entries (and rightfully so) about her then boyfriend, Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx, 24 years her senior. Her decision to share her trials and tribulations with Nikki is why I think she’s so loved as a public figure, because she isn’t scared to share her vulnerability or her personal life (to an extent).

 Her honesty, rawness and hard work is portrayed throughout this book, which is filled with pictures of client’s tattoos and their stories and Kat’s interpretation of their story. It’s an open journal with her fans that documents her life throughout the last couple of years. If you’re a big a fan of Kat Von D as I am, then I promise you’ll thoroughly enjoy this depiction into her life documented in “The Tattoo Chronicles”.

 FUN FACT: Her perfume “Adora” (which I picked up at Sephora) is the nicest smelling perfume I’ve ever owned.


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