Book Trailers – What a Phenomenon!!!

The internet is a wonderful thing, it gives us the ability to communicate with all our friends and family, we can bank without the use of a teller and we are always able to check the weather before we walk out our front door. When the internet first became all the rage there was trepidation, at least in my household anyway. Nowadays, I can’t imagine not having it at my fingertips. I use it every single day for 8 hours and I’m sad to say that when I get home, I typically have my computer on by the time my dinner is in the oven.

I like to think that I’m pretty good at navigating my way around certain parts, but I’ve recently discovered my own little bookworm happiness and I can’t imagine why I wasn’t using this tool long before I cracked open the spine of a book! The discovery is none other than the use of YouTube for book trailers. I guess I’ve always had a vague idea they existed, but I wasn’t aware at how many of them are available to give us insight about the motive behind the novel or to quite simply put a name to a face you’re about to read about for 400+ pages. Maybe I’m embarrassing myself a little bit by admitting this, but I never thought to do too much research in preparation of reading a novel, but now after discovering that these 3 minute book trailers give you a bit of foreshadowing of what’s to come, I can’t imagine ever going back. Think about it, before we pay the $13.00 it cost to go see a movie, we see umpteen movie trailers giving us a quick look into a story that may or may not interest us, why wouldn’t author/publishers do the same thing for books with the use of videos and the wonderful use of YouTube!?

I’ve never seen any book trailer on TV, nor do I expect to in the near future, but most of you will admit to knowing a little bit about the book before spending good money on it. We read the back or the inside panel to see if it’s something that strikes our fancy, it only makes logical sense to research it on YouTube or the author’s website to see what kind of trailer has (hopefully) been created to excite the reader even more than the already were by reading the brief introduction on the back of a book.

After researching this for a bit over the past couple of hours, I now know that there are a variety of ways an author/publisher can choose to market a trailer.

They can create their interpretation using actors/actresses to give a “movie” feel to the trailer. Take for instance, one of the latest books I read: James Dashner’s “The Maze Runner“:

Then there is the fabulous trailer created for Zoe Whittall’s “Bottle Rocket Hearts” which uses the combination of music and text to entice the reader about her fabulous Canadian novel!

Lastly, another common theme among book trailers is having the author themselves give a bit of insight about the logistics and ideas behind how and why they wrote the story they did, the best example to use in this case is the current book I’m reading called “Your Voice in my Head” by Emma Forrest.

Whatever the technique, these videos are informative and a great way to introduce you to the novel you’re about to read. I know in the future, I’ll continue to do a little hunting on YouTube to see what kind of videos pop up in relation to the novel I’m about to start!


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