Review: The Maze Runner – James Dashner

James Dashner’s, “The Maze Runner” is an out of the box (literally) novel that will keep you on edge throughout the whole story. Imagine opening the door to a world filled with moving walls, funny language and a maze that no one has been able to conquer. This is the life Thomas steps into when he steps out of the “box” where greenies/newbies enter the Glade.

No one knows how or why they stepped into this foreign land, but in the time that they all started arriving two years ago, they’ve determined some sense of order. There are leaders, runners and the people who seem to follow in tow. The scariest thing for almost every new person is that they have no recollection about how or why they’ve arrived in the Glade. There are no memories about their families or even what their first name might be. Every month a new boy enters the Glade and when Thomas arrives, he instinctively jumps into an authoritative role feeling like he must become a runner in order to solve the mystery of the Maze.

The Glade is dumbfounded when the bell rings indicating there is a new person arriving only days after Thomas arrived, they are even more shocked to find themselves staring into the eyes of a young teenage girl, who holds a note saying, “She’s the last one. Ever”. Automatically Thomas feels a connection with this girl, but with no memory, he can’t figure out how or why he might know her.

The Glade kicks it into high gear when they fear that they’re all going to be lost/forgotten in this unknown land. Thomas especially starts to take a leader role when he and fellow leaders Minho and Alby get stuck in the Maze overnight. Getting trapped at night in the Maze is basically a death sentence because that is when all the Grievers come out and attack and prick any Glader that gets in their way. A prick from a Griever is an excruciating experience, but allows some memories to drift back momentarily. That night in the Maze proves that Thomas is a born leader, but also makes him even more curious about the key to figuring out how to escape the Glade.

James Dashner has created a story that is inventive and intriguing all tied into one. This book is the current book club pick for Bookurious and I can’t say that I would ever pick up this book had I not been a member of this group; however, that’s the joy of a book club, because it opens your world to a different kind of literature. The follow-up to this book is titled “The Scorch Trials” and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to find out what’s going to happen next.

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