Review: Call me Russell – Russell Peters

I was just recently introduced to Russell Peters through my brother and sister-in-law who find him absolutely hilarious! It didn’t take me long to get hooked on his comedy routines either and when I found out he was writing a book, I knew it would be a fun read.

With the help of his brother/manager, Russell Peter’s wrote the novel, “Call me Russell” and it discusses a little bit of everything, how he got his start, his career and what’s to come in the future.

Peters was born and raised in Ontario to two immigrant Indian parents. Much of his comedy routine involves his upbringing. However, as he explains in his novel, his Father spoke with a British accent and his Mother seemed to look more Italian than Indian and he found it hard to identify with her at times. The bond he shared with his Father is one that is described in great deal. He explains that his Father was his hero and even though he died a couple of years back, he still thinks of him on a daily basis, following the guidance and advice he received from his Father as a child and a teenager.

Russell Peters grew up in Brampton, Ontario. He experienced a lot of bullying at a young age, but with the help of his Brother he was able to set things straight. However, the things he experienced and the close friends that were lost at the hands of violence are many and finding comedy and using that to vent helped him to grow as a person.

After realizing that comedy is something he’s good at and wants to pursue, Peters throws himself at many an open mic and people start to learn his name. He became an internet phenom when one of his acts was put all over youtube. Even though this may have been a huge help to his career, he gets a little sidetracked in his book to explain his annoyance with youtube. He describes how if his act is recorded one night and put on the web, it steals the enjoyment for other individuals that have paid good money to see the show.

The novel was funny at times, but definitely more along the serious line of things. It was a great introduction to who Russell Peter is and who’s going to become over the next couple of years – in my opinion, he’s going to be huge. I’m linking to a youtube video that has been up for ages and hopefully won’t upset Russell too much! LOL


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