Review: This Cake is for the Party – Sarah Selecky

As many of you know, Sarah Selecky’s “This Cake is for the Party” was nominated to win the Giller Light Prize. Although it didn’t win, I can understand why it was in the running. This is a collection of stories filled with smart, witty prose that draws you in right away.

Each story is filled with issues that each of us faces over time. Death, infidelity and making tough choices. Each story is about 20ish pages long and they are so well written that you feel you get an authentic and lasting look  into each of the characters lives.

My favorite story was the story about Atlas, who is a little boy looking for a place to belong in the world, he is usually ignored by his mother. What ends up happening is gripping and caught me off guard. This is just 1 of 10 stories that are packed in with so much bite, that you’ll want to continue reading story after story.

This is Sarah Selecky’s first published collection, but I’m sure it won’t be here last. She’s clearly a talented author that was recognized for her brilliant prose and sharp stories that leave each us filled up and wanting a little more.

You can find her on Twitter, where she regularly challenges her followers to try writing different scenes in order to get them to exercise their writing skills. My friends over at the KIRBC also created a video review of their take on “This Cake is for the Party” over here, be sure to check it out!


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