Nablopomo #7 – It’s your last day to vote for Canada Reads

Have you voted yet? For Canada Reads titles that is… Each year CBC has a debate over 5 titles on what book should be named the book Canada needs to be reading. For the first year ever, they’re allowing Canadians to be a part of the voting process! I think it’s a great way for everyone to get involved and have a hand on who ultimately is going to win the title of being 2011’s Canada Reads book!

Originally CBC asked the people of Canada to nominate a Canadian book that they felt deserved to be in the running. I posted a video urging CBC to consider choosing Camilla Gibb’s newest novel, “The Beauty of Humanity Movement“. If you have yet to read this book, you must read it immediately! Although, it wasn’t chosen as being one of the top 40 books, many other fabulous Canadian books were chosen and here’s a picture of all 40 titles:

There are some great titles included in Canada’s top 40 choice and you, being the dedicated and avid reader that you are, gets a vote on who should move to the top 10, then it will be narrowed down to the top 5 titles that will go head to head in crowning a champion. You only have until tonight at midnight left to vote though, so you must go to this website and cast your vote so you can have a say in who should win!!!


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