Nablopomo #4 Booking Through Thursday

Every Thursday a question is asked on the website, Booking Through Thursday. I’ve never participated, but because I haven’t finished my book yet and can’t yet review it, I thought a good way to post today is to answer the question that was posted this morning, which was suggested by Barbara:

What constitutes good writing and bad writing to you?

Well I’m no expert, but when I read a book that drones on and on about something (whether it be a kiss, a tree, etc) I tend to lose interest really quickly. In University I took a class about understanding the work of J.R.R. Tolkien and I remember reading a passage in the Lord of the Rings that seemed to go on forever about a tree they were observing. After 11 or so pages, I remember thinking, “I get it, it’s a tree”. Does this make it bad writing, no, not by any means, but personally I thought it should have been shortened a little. Tolkien quickly redeemed himself by having the ability to create heartwarming and likeable characters that make you want to keep turning the page in a 500+ novel. This is what I think constitutes “good writing”, having the ability to draw the reader into a story causing them to ignore their family and friends for days on out until the novel is finished.

What about you bloggers? What constitutes good and bad writing in your opinion???


4 thoughts on “Nablopomo #4 Booking Through Thursday

  1. Jonathan says:

    There is a back story to why Tolkien wrote so much about the trees…

    Good writing? Hard to pin down, but I do like the older – more descriptive – style of writing. A book that used it in recent years, and that I loved, was “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”.

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