Nablopomo #3 Writers’ Trust Award Winners

As many of you book lovers know, its award season and last night the Writers’ Trust Award Winners were announced at Toronto’s Isabel Bader Theatre.

Unfortunately, I didn’t attend as I was watching the first Harry Potter movie with the incredible J.K, but I was following many people’s tweets about the outcome at the end of the evening, especially @MsRebeccs ‘s tweets, who was on top on the ball and kept us all informed throughout the whole event. If you were unable to attend and have yet to hear, here are the night’s winners!!! *Please note that all the information gathered below was obtained using the Writers’ Trust of Canada’s website*

Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize:

I read “Room” by Emma Donoghue and it was absolutely amazing! Told from the perspective of 5 year old Jack, it gives a fresh perspective to how the world can be viewed differently by different people. Jack’s innocence and love for his Ma is only one dimension to this gripping and unforgettable story. It’s no surprise that it won such a prestigious award.


Writers’ Trust Non-Fiction Prize :

My apologies for cutting half the cover off of this picture, I’m no genius when it comes to cropping. I have yet to read this non-fiction title, but after reading a bit about it’s description, I’m going to set  out to get my hands on a copy. According to the description given on the publisher’s website, FitzGerald is born into a home with a troubled pathologist as his father. He shares the story of his childhood in an attempt to free himself of the pain he’s felt over the years growing up.

 Writers’ Trust of Canada/ McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize:

The entry titled, “Uncle Oscar” was written by Devon Code and was included in the “Malahat Review”, which is a literary journal that includes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. This award is typically presented to up and coming authors.


Writers’ Trust Engel/ Findley Prize:

Ask anyone at the Keepin’ It Real Book Club and they’ll tell you that I’m a HUGE fan of Miriam Toews!!! I’ve read all her work and I’m the person that has it read within two days of its on sale date. Therefore, it came as no surprise to me why she was honored with the Writers’ Trust Engel/ Findley prize, which honors an author in the middle of their career based on their body of work. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks her body of work to date is impressive. I can’t wait to see what she’s going to produce in the future.

Vicky Metcalf Award for Children’s Literature:

This award is presented to an author that is being recognized for their children’s literature midway through their career. After researching some of Polly Horvath’s work, I can truly say that this award is well deserved. With a total of twelve children’s book written to date, I’m sure that Polly Horvath has got lots of other witty and charming ideas to share with all of us.

Matt Cohen Award: In Celebration of a Writing Life:

As indicated, this award is presented to an author that is dedicated to writing as a primary pursuit and after researching Myrna Kostash, it seems that she is very much a key player when it comes to literature. Known for her non-fiction and contributions to many magazines, she is also part of numerous associations, including the Writers’ Guild of Alberta. It’s nice to see people that contribute so much of their time and effort to literature, be recognized and honored.

Awards are given to authors recognizing them for their talent and gift, but it seems that the ones that benefit from these award ceremonies, end up being us, the readers. As I learned this evening after researching authors I’d never heard of before, I’ve been introduced to some new talent based on the acknowledgement given by the Writers’ Trust Award Committee. I look forward to researching the books/authors mentioned above and I hope you do too!

Happy Reading!!!


One thought on “Nablopomo #3 Writers’ Trust Award Winners

  1. Jonathan says:

    On about new authors, have you heard about the new Amazon “singles” programme? Where people can sell their writing into the Kindle store directly, and make a cut on the sale?

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